How to hold a successful garage sale before you move?

When thinking about moving, there are probably many things you own that will present difficulties during the process. Moving that chair you do not use anymore, which sits in the basement, useless, will make you think about a potential garage sale. A garage sale is a great method of getting rid of stuff you do not need. When you do this, you will also make money, as well as save money when movingLess weight equals lower costs. You will also spend less time packing and unpacking when you do not have things that you have no use for. Here are some tips for your pre-move garage sale.

Garage sale sign
Having a garage sale is a great way to get rid of things you don’t need

Deciding on the date

If you want your garage sale to be successful, you have to choose an appropriate date. If you choose a weekday, the sale will not go as planned. This is because people have their jobs to worry about, and many other things. If you set it to be on a weekend, you will have a much better chance of selling your belongings. Maybe the best day of the week to have a garage sale is Saturday. This is because it is just the middle of a weekend, and usually a leisure day for most people. This will allow them to come to check out the sale. Also, keep in mind that it should be an appropriate time for you as well. Do not make a garage sale if you cannot commit your whole day to it. You probably have enough stuff to sell for it to last a full day, or even more.

Making an inventory

Be sure to think about all the things that will make your garage sale easy to manage. Making an inventory is a really important thing to do. This will allow you to keep track of all the things you have on display. When you sell an item you can cross it off your list for easier tracking. You can divide the items into categories, and put them next to each other to make them more accessible to your customers. Using stickers is one way to do this. Pick a color of a sticker for each category, and divide them as such. And do not think that something useless to you, will not be useful to someone else. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Use this to your advantage!

Organization is crucial to a garage sale
The organization is crucial to a garage sale

Advertising your sale

When it comes to advertising your sale, you have to get creative! Taking your stuff to your yard one morning and putting up a sign will not do you much good. You can put up posters around your neighborhood and give out flyers to passers-by. When giving out a flyer, do not hesitate to give out a couple more. This will allow people to give the flyers to their friends and increase your customer base.

You can also think about advertising on social media. Create an event on Facebook and think of a creative slogan that will lure the customers. Appeal to certain groups of people by making personalized ads. Consider sponsoring the ad by promoting it on social media. The most important thing is to do all this consistently, so people do not forget. But do not be pushy because some may be dissuaded to come because of the bombardment of ads.

Make flashy advertisments for your garage sale
Make flashy advertisements for your garage sale

Pricing your stuff

This is an important thing to do right. Garage sales are often seen as a chance to acquire items at a lower cost. If something is in good shape, the usual method of pricing is to halve to price at which you bought the item. This will be successful sometimes, but you will usually have to set an even lower price in order for it to be sold. But do not be afraid of setting the price you deem right. This will be a sign of quality assurance in the mind of your customers.

If someone wants to haggle with you on a price of something, playing along will probably be your best option. Selling that old television set at a lower price is much better than having to move it along with your current TV set. When you move to your new house that TV will be as useless as it was in your current residence.

You should also consider making bulk deals. Selling books or other stuff that can be bundled is a sure way to sell something you think nobody would ever buy.  The proper way to do this is to put it in a bundle with something that will surely sell. Think about having the price of, for example, a second book your customer wishes to buy along with the first one. Getting rid of stuff you do not need has never been easier!

Also, think about the way you will display your items. Put things with high-selling probability in the middle of the whole setup. This will make people walk by the rest of the stuff, and maybe something will catch their eye.

Donating items that didn’t sell

There will probably be some items you hadn’t managed to sell. If there aren’t, then you are truly a master of garage sales. If there are, you can consider donating them, either to your friends or your neighbors, or charity. Should you deem some of the leftover items too worthy to just be given away, you can try selling them on eBay or some other online trading website. This is why it is important to have a sale about a month before your moving day. That way you can see what you did not manage to sell, and consider other options.

Moving out is not an easy process. Deciding on the location is a big deal. For example, should you pick Miami for your upcoming move, it is important to choose between reliable moving companies to help you. And by doing so, you will save some money on the way.

Find a reliable mover

Our friends at have a way of reliably picking the right movers. Give it a try, and you won’t be sorry! Having a garage sale before settling for a company will be a great contribution to your organization of the moving process. You can carefully consider which company will have the lowest pricing rates and be most reliable. Applying the approximate amount of weight your belongings will have, can make you somewhat predict how much the whole moving process will cost, and having a garage sale beforehand is a great way to minimize the expenses. So, good luck!


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