Hiring NYC realtors when moving to NY

New York City real estate market has significantly grown over the past few years. Nowadays you can find any kind of real estate in the city that never sleeps. As a direct consequence, the number of realtors is NYC is getting bigger every day. This has become a very lucrative job, and many are trying to find their prosperity with this career. There are two main reasons for hiring NYC realtors. Either you are planning to relocate to the best city in the world and need to calculate the costs of your NYC move, or you want to sell a property. Whichever the case may be, here are some bits of advice on how to find the most suitable realtor in NYC.

Find a true professional when hiring NYC realtors

You will hear many synonyms for a person who is dealing with real estate – broker, agent, realtor, etc. But what you need to know is that realtor is a bit different, as it refers to a person who is the member of National Association of Realtors. This practically means that he/she pledged himself/herself to the code of conduct which is very strict. Propper realtor, besides owning a license for the job, will be very professional and discrete. And, he or she will never put in jeopardy cooperation with the client by disclosing any kind of information to the third party. So, the next time you are buying a house in Brooklyn, or some other place, get a realtor.

A realtor selling a house.
You need to be very careful when hiring NYC realtors.

Make sure you get good referrals

Just like in every other job, referrals are one of the best ways to ensure you’ll get a quality service. You can ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues, or anyone you know who recently had an experience with hiring realtors. Ask if they were satisfied with the service and price. Also, check whether they would hire that particular agent again.

In case you do not know anyone to help you with this task, there are other ways of doing it. Best realtors always cooperate with other professionals from the industry, so you can try with highly-qualified Brooklyn moving professionals.

Know the type of realtor you need to hire

There are several types of realtors, depending on which type of which side are they representing – a buyer or seller. Sometimes is it smarter to find a broker who is specialized for the service you need rather than find the one who is playing for both sides.

  • A buyer’s broker is the realtor who is only dealing with clients who are looking to purchase a property. They are the perfect choice when you want to buy a home. They are fully devoted to your needs and they represent the buyer’s interests. Usually, they will help with the negotiation process. Realtors are way more familiar with the market and know how to get the best offer that will suit your needs. To see whether you will be able to afford this type of a realtor, you need to calculate the costs of your NYC move. They are not cheap! 
  • Conventional realtors most of the time are representing interests of the seller. If you are planning to sell your property, you should consider hiring this type of realtor. They are usually working for the commission. It is in their best interest to sell your belonging as quickly as possible for the biggest price they can get.
  • Dual agents are not specialized in one type of work, but they have clients from both sides. The tricky part with this type is that these agents can’t negotiate when it comes to the price of the real estate. They can only help you with recommending a good seller or a buyer as they are employed in the traditional real estate offices. 
A man thinking what to do when hiring NYC realtors.
Which type of realtor do you need?

Do not hire the very first realtor you find

If you are a first time home buyer, this is a mistake you could easily make. The process of hiring NYC realtors is something that should be done carefully. Try not to be impulsive, as there is a lot of money at stake. You wouldn’t like to hire someone who will act negligent and unprofessional. You need to find at least three candidates, and then make a thorough background check on each of them. Prepare as many questions as possible for the interviews. Ask to visit them during their work hours to see them in action. Observe how are they treating other clients, and how good are during the price negotiation.

Find a realtor who will advise you

Every decent realtor will try to implement their strategies during his work. Once you are on a first meeting with the agent you are considering to hire, you should get some good advice from him/her. This way you can see that the realtor is not trying to get hired at all cost. A good real estate agent will try to lower your expectations with good arguments if you are about to set unrealistic expectations for the deal. A good and experienced realtor will make sure that the desired price of the property you are looking to buy or sell is within the price range. It all depends on the current value on the market.

Sometimes you can try to set an unrealistic price on purpose. This way, you will see the reaction of the person on the other side of the table. If the realtor is agreeing with everything you say, it can be a good sign that he lacks in experience or quality.

The word support written on a blackboard.
When moving, it is very important that you have the support of a realtor.

Ask for contact of recent clients

A realtor who is proud of his work will gladly point to some of his recent clients. Whether he helped a client sell a Colorado home, or buy one, it makes no difference.  Every client will be able to give you a better insight. What you should do is contact them and ask for their experience with that particular realtor. If you get a positive feedback from several persons, it can be a good sign. It shows that you are dealing with a good real estate agent. Just pay attention to whether these stories are fabricated. In other words, if all those clients are using similar phrases, it can mean that they are not telling the truth.

Finally, if you follow these steps, you will have no problems when hiring NYC realtors. Good luck in the upcoming pursuit.

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