Hiring full-service movers: pros and cons

So,  a moving day is almost here and you just don’ t feel like moving? If this is pushing your buttons, don’t worry. Hiring full-service movers solves the problem. They will go the extra mile in order to spare you the moving troubles. If you don’t want to take part in any moving-related tiresome activity, they will gladly do it for you. If you would rather sit back and avoid dealing with so many boxes, you should give it a try. Just imagine someone else coping with a plethora of your belongings while you do nothing. If you want to pass on going through moving and still get relocated, you should opt for professionals. In case you are still a bit reluctant, here is a short list of pros and cons of hiring full-service movers.

Moving from scratch can be tough without hiring full-service movers

Hiring a professional moving company means that they will carry out moving from scratch.  They are well-equipped to do it successfully. The first step is to propose a detailed moving plan. It needs to be in accordance with your personal moving requirements. Next, they should help you declutter.

Image of man carrying boxes and relocating
Moving house can be difficult without the right assistance

Moreover, they should take care of packing and loading, especially in the case of the elderly population. Getting packing supplies is up to them together with transportation.  They may even call the maid service so as to clean the mess. They should assist you to get comfortable in your new home by unloading and unpacking your items. Also, they should be at your disposal for storage options. They should provide the one that meets your moving requirements. 

Consider packing errands prior to packing

If you opt for full-service movers, they will go to the packing supplies chase. They will get packing paper and moving bags and blankets. It’ s them who will run after foam pouches and cushions and wait in an endless line to pay for it. So, hiring full-service movers is time-saving. They are going to look for the stretch wrap and TV and seat covers. They will get the accessorize such as markers and packing tape and take care of the packing itself. Movers can also handle your belonging with the utmost care. And they will protect it accordingly regardless of whether it is household appliances or a piano.   Likewise, they will put a special emphasis on delicate items such as

  • small appliances
  • silverware
  • miscellaneous items

In addition, the full-service movers pick up the packing waste and dispose of it elsewhere.

Full-service movers take care of transport and storing your belongings

Expert movers will come up with a wide range of services that suit you best. To begin with, they offer a professional furniture assembly. Firstly, they disassembly pieces of furniture at your former home.  Secondly, full-service movers reassembly it in your new home. In the meantime, they transport it from one place to another. Simultaneously, you can watch TV and drink scotch. Moreover, it’s their job to ensure storage for your possessions. They rent it for as long as it takes to settle in your new home. It’s up to them to store your items properly.

Moving professionals will make sure your belongings are safe. They pick a storage facility that is at a spitting distance from your home. Subsequently, they highlight the size, material, and shape of your belongings when they choose the most suitable storage facility.

Professionals do the labor on your behalf

Moving is a challenging process in terms of strength. A person needs to be in really good shape to get it done properly. If that’ s not the case, you should think about hiring full-service movers. They will take care of heavy lifting for you. Since moving is their line of duty, they are accustomed to loading possessions.

Being skillful and experienced in it, they will implement appropriate lifting techniques on the spot. Full-service movers are specialized in moving hence making it run smoothly. They are also in charge of getting a moving truck. It is not a rental one, but the one they provide. They both load and unload your heavy items so you don’t have to. Furthermore, full-service movers are not prone to damaging or breaking items while relocating heavy items.

Hiring full-service movers is not cheap

Hiring full-service movers is a convenient moving option. Everything gets done on time without you lifting a finger. However, it comes with a price tag. It is a big-budget endeavor. You should pay not only for packing supplies but for movers getting it as well. In addition, moving supplies price varies depending on where it is purchased.

Calculator with model of house on it
Make sure to calculate the price of hiring full service movers

Furniture assembly is not a standard moving service, so it is pricey as well. Renting storage might be costly too depending on many aspects. When you rent it single-handedly you may pick up a good bargain. Loading and unloading items can be costly when added to other expenses. Hiring full-service movers is a lavish undertaking. They do absolutely everything that can occur to you when it comes to moving. And it costs an arm and a leg.

Ultimately, if you want another person carry out a move on your behalf, you should consider hiring full-service movers. They will make an assessment first. Then, they will help you declutter and take away some of your possessions to a storage facility. Then, they will pack your belongings skilfully. Next, they will load them to their truck and transport them to your new place. They will clean your former home first. They are going to unpack your belongings. If necessary, they will get the rest of your items from the storage facility.

On the other hand, you can mind your own business. If you don’t have time to cope with the move, then you should think of hiring full-service movers. Then again, you might want to put into some effort once you take a look at your wallet.

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