Guidelines for exporting goods to Dammam

Do you need to transport items from the United States to Saudi Arabia? One of the cities in KSA where the majority of goods goes in Dammam. Exporting goods to Dammam is a long process because shipping overseas takes time. Also, there are some documents you need to collect and to know importing/exporting rules and regulations.

Documents for exporting goods to Dammam

The first thing you need to finish to transport your goods to a country overseas is to have all the paperwork. What will you need for exporting goods to Dammam? Customs clearance is a compulsory part of the process. If you are doing this for the first time, engage experts with experience. Play it safe. After all, it is your business and any mistake can cause losses.

Globe and moving boxes around.
Before you transport your goods internationally, get all the right paperwork

Know laws and regulations because they are different in Saudi Arabia. Hiring a freight forwarder does not mean you will be free from all the responsibilities. You need to gather and submit the necessary documentation.

Some of the paperwork you must have for this exploring process are:

  • Commercial invoice
  • The list of all they goods you are transporting
  • Certificate of origin
  • Payment terms
  • Bill of lading
  • Insurance documents

Plus, if you are expanding a Colorado-based business to Riyadh or Damman, or any other city in Saudi Arabia, you will need even more documents. It may pass months and months until you finish all the paperwork and your business plan too.

Types of overseas shipping

What are international transportation methods and how to choose the best option for you? There are 2 main types of overseas shipping. One of them is ocean freight and the second one is air freight. What is the difference between these two types of overseas shipping and what should you know about it?

Ocean freight

As the word says, this is shipping via ocean. If you choose this type, consider 2 types of container load – less than container load and full container load. If you don’t have goods that can fill the entire shipping container, then a “less than container” load is a better option for you because it is cheaper. Ocean freight is more popular.

Pros of ocean freight:

  • You can tranport big and heavy items
  • There are no limit on size and weight
  • Cheaper than air freight
  • The freight forwarder or carrier will load and unload the containers at their warehouses.

Cons of ocean freight:

  • Longer process
  • Extra handling and movements may harm the goods

Consider both options and hire a company that can offer you a variety of services when it comes to international shipping such as Four Winds KSA.

A port with ships.
Most popular way of international shipping is ocean freight

Air freight

If you want to ship your goods fast, this is the right choice.

Pros of air freight:

  • Fast shipping, ideal for perishable goods
  • For small shipments, it is affordable
  • High level of security
  • Less dependent on the weather

Cons of air freight:

  • For heavy cargo, it is expensive
  • You cannot ship too heavy or too large goods

Ports in Dammam

Dammam is a big city in KSA and it has ocean cargo ports of arrival and airports too. Ocean port is located on the Persian Gulf – the opposite city of the country from Jeddah. The official name of this port in Dammam is King Abdul Aziz Port. The annual container volume is more than 1.5 million TEUs. Dammam Airport is one od of the biggest in the world, with an area of 780 square km. Freight facility can store up to 94,000 tonnes of cargo.

Hiring professional logistic company in Dammam

As we mentioned before, the safest way is to hire a logistic company with experience. Leave this job to professionals and they will do almost everything when it comes to exporting goods. From packing your cargo to dealing with the border and customs regulations. Hire a company that has a global logistics network and also, being a member of reliable organizations is a big plus. Some of them are IATA, FIATA, and FIDI.

The costs of shipping overseas

The costs are one of the biggest concerns when transporting goods overseas. How much your shipment will cost you and what are the factors that affect the total price? There are different factors you should consider when calculating everything.

  • Type of transportation – ocean or air
  • Mode of trasnportation, FCL or LCL
  • Size and weight of your goods
  • Port or airport of origin
  • Additional services such as door to door service

It is good to know that goods that weigh less than 100kg won’t differ much, it does not matter if you choose air or ocean freight. But if you need to transport more than 100kg, you should choose ocean freight because it is cheaper.

If you choose ocean freight, expect to wait around 40 days for goods to arrive in Dammam, If you choose air freight, 5 days is a period of time you will need to wait.

A black board with time, cost, and quality trianlge.
Find a perfect balance between quality, service, and costs

Forbidden items to import in Saudi Arabia

What items you can import to Saudi Arabia and what is forbidden. You should know the “forbidden” list before start packing your goods. This will save you time, money, and nerves. There are different rules when exporting goods to Dammam. Forbidden items are:

  • Animals and animal products
  • Chemicals
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics
  • Food products
  • Bavarages
  • GMO
  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals

If you are going to live in Saudi Arabia, learn facts you should know as a foreigner. Their lifestyle is different from a lifestyle in the USA. Renting in Saudi Arabia is similar for example, but consuming alcohol is forbidden, or eating pork meat.

Bear these things in mind if you are exporting goods to Dammam and the whole process will be much more straightforward for you. Timely preparation is half the work so take the time to organize the export of your goods. If necessary, ask the professionals to assist you along the way.

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