Guide to packing family memorabilia for a move

Moving is not an easy task. A lot of people seem to think that it is by simply watching professional movers do it. And surely as they are professionals they make it seem easy but it really isn’t. One of the hardest moving tasks is packing up your belongings. This is solely because you need to get the right packing supplies and to know just how to use them. Putting everything in a box and securing it isn’t the only thing you have to do. Especially if you are packing family memorabilia for a move. These are the things that you own that have been in your family for a long time and that are valuable to you. This means that you want to keep them intact and untouched. And here is where you can learn just how to do that no matter how long or short distance your move may be.

Get the right supplies

The first thing you need are the right packing supplies. A lot of people will tell you that you can use the things you have at home for packing. And we agree, you can do so. But it is not the best way to pack. Especially as you are packing family memorabilia. You need to get good supplies that will keep these things safe and sound, away from any damages moving might cause. Remember to do this even if packing in a hurry.

Bag next to chair.
Using professional packing is far better than using the things you have at home.

You are going to need something to put these things in. By their size, you can determine just how big of a box you are going to need. It is best to always have more boxes than to not have enough. And as you are packing family memorabilia, you want to get good boxes. You can choose between cardboard and plastic boxes.

For this instance, we believe plastic boxes are a far better option. They are sturdier, easier to carry and provide more protection than cardboard ones do. Plastic boxes are also waterproof so your things will be even safer. They are good to use if moving long distances during winter or autumn when there is rain. They are also eco-friendly.

Plastic boxes.
Using plastic boxes is better when packing family memorabilia for a move.

Other packing supplies that you will need

You can’t just put everything inside of a box and call it a day as we have already mentioned. You need to use some other packing supplies in order to provide even more protection to your belongings. It is best to use things that will provide more protection to your stuff. You can use a bubble pack or wrapping paper depending on what you are packing. Also use packing peanuts to fill in the empty space in the box in case your things start tumbling around during the move.

You will also need a lot of tape. Use tape to secure the boxes, no matter which ones you are using. But the most important thing is to label the boxes that have fragile items in them. This will let your movers know which boxes to handle with extra care.

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