Guide to Choosing Hardwood Floors

Whether you are moving to a new home or plan to refurbish your current one, it’s important to have a plan before anything. Repainting the walls or changing the floors are big projects in general, therefore it’s not only essential but also helpful to have a plan to be guided by. A big change as such is also a long-term investment. Good flooring is important as you want it to last for years to come, therefore choosing the right hardwood floors takes time. If this is new for you, and you want to do it right, read on for our tips and an overall guide of how to proceed. 


Planning to renovate a space is exciting. To avoid stress during this project, following a plan will make that possible. With a plan, you can jot down ideas, ensure to gather all the necessary materials and supplies all the while following a good timeline. When it comes to hardwood floors, it’s important to spend enough time looking into different types and styles. As we already mentioned, these floors should last you a lifetime, therefore make sure that you like what you choose while ensuring its quality as well. 

Tools on a hardwood floor.
Changing your hardwood floors can be an easy task if you are familiar with it. Do the research before the action!

Choosing Hardwood Floors

If you aren’t familiar with hardwood floors and how to choose or differentiate them, you are in the right place. Some of the important elements to know better include board widths, hardness, colors, textures, wood species and finish! Once you have a better understanding of each of these, you’ll be able to make a better decision. 

When it comes to board widths, there are numerous different types. You could choose from more narrow styles that range under 3 inches or you could choose the more wider ones that go over 3 inches. Other shapes include squares, rectangles or you can even do geometric designs to add more of a formal vibe. 

Colors, Textures and Finish!

There is a wide range of textures when it comes to hardwood floors. You can go for a very new and polished look, or you could choose brand new flooring that has an antique look to it. Hardwood floors that seem a little distressed add a bit of character, while disguising scratches throughout the years. 

Hardwood floor you should consider when choosing hardwood floors for your current or your new home.
Hire a team of professionals to install your hardwood floors. It’s more efficient and simple.

Meanwhile, the color of the floors depends on the species and finish overall. Therefore you could get something super blonde and light looking, or you could get floors on the darker scale. 

When it comes to wood species, there is a variety. The most popular ones include cherry, oak, and maple.


All in all, choosing your hardwood floors is a personal choice in the end. As long as you have a good understanding of which style is more durable and better to invest in, what color or texture you choose is really up to you. Ensure it goes with the interior of your home and with the furniture as well. We also recommend getting a team of professionals to install the floors for you. This way you can ensure it’s done right and you can avoid getting overwhelmed with this stage of renovating. 

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