Guide to buying a quality exterior door

Getting the right type of door for your house is important. The right doors can add to the curb appeal of your house and ultimately influence the price. The front doors are also important as they provide security and also influence the energy efficiency in your home. However, the front door is not the only exterior door you will have. Your house will also have a patio or a door that leads to the yard. Choosing both types of doors today is not easy. The offer on the market is overwhelming. But let us try to make a short guide to buying a quality exterior door for your home.

What to consider when buying a quality exterior door

First of all, you must consider that your front door is the first aspect of your house that visitors will see. It is also the last. So, it is important to make a great impression of your home straight from the entryway. If you want to make an impression you have plenty of options on the market. Your exterior door is also important for security and protection so consider investing in quality doors and security features.

Wooden door in a stone wall which is not a good choice when buying a quality exterior door.
The doors you choose for your house will determine the first impression you home gives out

The doors can be:

  • Of different materials,
  • with special features,
  • glass or without glass or
  • with or without added hardware.


The material the door is made of can considerably influence its quality, durability, and lifespan of your exterior doors. Choosing the right material when buying a quality exterior door can be crucial.

Wooden doors are the most expensive option. They add to the style and class of the home. Also, they are good at enduring ware and tare of their continual use. They can last for a long time and are easy to fix and maintain. They require proper handling and maintenance to preserve and protect.

The other option is the steel door. They cover almost 50% of the market and are relatively inexpensive. They do not require maintenance and provide adequate energy efficiency and protection. These doors typically do not resist the weather very well.

Fiberglass doors are a mixture of both worlds. They provide sufficient weather and wear and tear resistance and endure better than steel doors. At the same time, they can be painted and can have a grain that mimics the look of the much pricier wooden doors. These doors are low maintenance but are not that secure as they can easily crack.

Special features

Some doors can have special features added to add to their functionality or style. Some may have kick plates to protect them from shoe scuff marks and dents. You can also have an adjustable threshold. It allows for adjustment during the years to ensure that the door is weatherproof and doesn’t allow draft or rain in.

The door on a beach leading to a sunset.
The choices you make will determine the character of your entryway.


If you want to let in more sunlight into your home there are many different options regarding glass. You can have a decorative glass of different styles installed at your door. The glass will let the sunlight in but it can compromise the strength and energy efficiency of the door so keep that in mind. Besides that, you can have sidelights or transoms installed to your entryway. These will also bring in more light and add to the style of the door. Sidelights are placed on one or both sides of the door while transoms are placed above the door.


There are many options for adding additional hardware to your door. People tend to create a unique look and style to their doors with different hardware.  They can also use them to freshen up the look of the home they want to sell. The choice is abundant from purely cosmetic to functional and practical and also high end.

You can add locks and doorbells to your door increasing functionality. Today you can install their high end or smart versions that can make them more convenient and safer. At the same time, you can add mailboxes or knockers to change the look of your door. You can exchange door handles for knobs. There are different optional materials, colors, and styles to chose from to make your door unique.

Patio doors

The exterior doors of your house are not only the front doors. Patio doors are the exits to your decks, yards or patios. These doors can give character to your home and they let the sunlight in at the same time. As with front doors, patio doors come in different shapes and sizes. From sliding doors, swinging or french patio doors the offer is diverse.

Sliding patio doors do not take up much space when open. They easily change the dynamics of the room and let a lot of the sunlight in. They are easy to use with their sliding mechanism and are perfect for any space. Swinging patio doors can open both inwards and outwards and use lever handles to operate easily. French doors consist of two swinging panels, They can swing both inwards and out and offer the opportunity of controlling the airflow and the light in the room.

Patio doors can also be made of different materials and with different hardware and features. They can also be customized to fit in with the style of the house and add to its appeal.

A patio door and a  woman sitting and enjoying.
Do not neglect your patio doors they also lead to the exterior of your house

Buying quality exterior door

There are a lot of tips for buying doors for your house. First of all, you should try researching online. It will help get in touch with the issues of buying doors. It will help you create a good picture of the market and the different options. You can also find retailers in the vicinity that you can contact in search of the right doors for you. Also, consider the energy efficiency aspect of buying a quality exterior door. You should consider the efficiency that can lead to savings in electricity, gas, and energy in your household. It is good to consider the installation issues and requirements for certain types of doors. And finally, you should do extensive research on door safety and security as well as the available locks and security features.

So finding the right door for your house might not be that easy. The market is overflowing with different options and features. The choice is yours but do not lose track of the important aspects. You ultimately want an energy-efficient, durable, and secure product that makes a statement. Do your research, study the options, and make an informed decision.

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