Guide for moving large furniture

Your moving time is almost here and if you have large and bulky pieces of furniture you are surely worried about how you will transport it. Some things can help you with moving large furniture pieces.

Plan and measure

Every moving day and moving demands planning and preparation and it is best to do this in time. Leave yourself enough time to prepare for a moving day, so you are won’t stress too much when a moving day comes.

Measure before moving large furniture
Always double check what you have measured.

First, when you are moving to a new place you need to make sure that all your furniture will fit your new home. This is why it is important to make floor plans for your new homes, especially when you are moving large furniture. Sometimes even if you disassemble furniture, it may be difficult to slide it inside.

Second, make sure that you have measured everything. This refers to empty space, walls, and hallways. Maybe you are thinking that it must pass through, but not all doorways are the same. Some are actually a little smaller, but you don’t see it. Therefore, the safest way is to measure and then plan how to move. Also, when you know all the measurements in advance you will be able to make a better floor plan.

As for the floor plan, you can use any of the online 3D models or programs to do so. Because it is virtual, you won’t have to bother and get tired. When you have a plan, it is easier for moving large furniture stress-free.

Moving large furniture around tight corners

There are a couple of things that you forget, usually when you are planning relocation.  This is one of them and it is an important one. In most cases, the moment when you realize that a large and bulky piece of furniture can get thought tight corner is when it is in your hands. Then it is too late to change your mind and take it back.

Remove attached pieces of furniture

If you are hiring a moving company, you will have the help that you need. Movers with the experience know the tricks of the trade. They will know what to do or they will advise you what you have to do. But, in case that you are moving large furniture with the help of friends, you will need some expert advises.  When you are moving large furniture, a couch, for example, the best way to get around tight corners is first to try to remove legs or handles. Remove anything that is attached to the couch. Just make sure to save all the small hardware, so you can reassemble it later on.

Tilt it the right way

If your furniture does not have any attachment you can remove then you will have to learn how to get it around tight corners. It is hard and stressful but it is not impossible, probably. A smart tip that usually helps is if you get to a narrow corner try to upright it. Don’t just turn it around, because you won’t be able to. Probably you will just be stuck. Instead of that, turn it up and then try to get around the corner.

Remove doors

Sometimes you need only a few inches to get it done. Try also removing doors while you are moving large furniture. Maybe it will help you if you do not have to bend and get around doors as well. Prepare your house before you move, especially when you are carrying bulky furniture. If you are moving to a place next to a neighbor, ask them to open their door so you can get a little extra space. Who knows? Maybe this is exactly what you need.

Try to move it through a window

Maybe you need to try this as a first solution of your problem. Of course, if you are moving in a building on a higher floor, this won’t do. But when you are moving large furniture to a downstairs house, be sure to try it. It is easier but with the help.

Opened window
Try moving large furniture through windows if it can get through the doors.

Do not try to lift anything by yourself. Make sure that you have extra help, just in case you need somebody to jump in and hold one side.

Hire professionals

Many moving companies have a necessary experience so they can help you with moving large furniture without stressing. If you decide to move and hire a mover, do research and be sure to check their references. Before you decide to hire somebody, see how their reviews from previous customers are. Price can vary a lot, but you need to be sure that they are efficient and experienced as well.

Prepare your new place

In case you are already moved in and you are just moving large furniture pieces, prepare everything first. Make sure that you have moved from pathways all furniture or boxes that may be an obstacle. This is very important when you are moving large furniture because most of the time you cannot see below. So this is a smart way to prevent falls or injuries. Besides that, it is dangerous it may damage your large furniture. If you leave a table or something else with the sharp edges, it might tear up or scratch the furniture you are bringing.

Man with a drill screwing something.
Prepare and remove from your path anything that is an obstacle.

The most important thing you should not forget is to plan and measure everything. Never go without a plan because it is not easy just to turn around and get back. Especially if you have friends that are helping. A sure way to save you from stress is to measure, even twice if you need and only then start moving large furniture.

Be patient

If you have tried most of these tips already, then you need to be patient. Think and consult, do not just throw the furniture away. Try to disassemble it once again or at least ask somebody else for advice or opinion.

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