How do you furnish a small studio apartment in NYC?

Decorating and furnishing small spaces is challenging, very challenging, so first, you should consider getting help. How to successfully furnish a small studio apartment and make it looks bigger? NYC is known for small and expensive homes, and that’s why you need to be creative and take the best of it. If you are doing this for the first time, it may seem scary and impossible, but today there are many ideas you can find online and furniture that have more than one function.

If you are moving in as a couple to NYC, work and plan together. You will have more furniture, more personal items, so making a compromise is a must.

Street in NYC
When you find an apartment in NYC you like, do not wait, take it immediately

The average size of a family home is larger than it was before, but apartments in NYC are smaller and more expensive. First apartments are usually small, especially if you are living alone. Learning how to make the most of a small apartment is an art. Control your clutter and do not get too emotional when you need to get rid of some stuff and furniture.

How to furnish a small studio apartment in NYC?

If you are following real estate trends in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn…you know that small apartments are now trendy and people want to buy them. Not only because of the affordable price. People do not see the purpose of living in a big home. Especially not in NYC, where they do not spend too much time there. Now when you have a dream home, how furnish a small studio apartment and decorate it like a pro? It is not that hard, especially with all those ideas you can get online. In the past few years, people have focused on designing furniture for small homes.

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If you do not have ideas how to furnish and decorate your new NYC home, search online or hire a professional interior decorator

Colors and contrast

White and creamy colors are not the only paints you can use on the walls. Play with contrast and skip neutral paints.  Express yourself and play with walls, pictures, wallpapers, paint, etc. Do not keep it dark, but use red, blue, yellow, green, light pink, options are endless. If you paint your ceiling a lighter color than the walls, you will create a bigger space.

Use furniture that can be fixed

Tables, cabinets, chairs are sometimes too big to enter the door, but luckily for you, furniture can be disassembled. A bed will be probably the biggest challenge, especially if you are not on the first floor. But some beds can be folded into a wall, for example.

Problems for angles

Doors, tables, beds, cabinets, windows, it is too many angles and sharp edges. Dealing with it in a small space is hard; that is why you should use soft edges and curves. Using fabric is an excellent solution to this problem. Curved chairs, round tables, ottomans, will make your space look more delicate and cozy.

Storage in a small apartment

An additional problem when living in a small apartment in NYC or moving in with your partner is a storage space for clothing, shoes, kitchenware, decorations, etc.  Just use space under the bed, under the ottoman, create shelves on walls, add some hooks, and do not collect unnecessary items.

Pro tips for decorating your new NYC small apartment

How to keep a small apartment organized and clean? After setting the furniture, you should make sure it stays decluttered.

  • Keep the floor clear and empty. If you need space for books, decorations…think vertically and built some shelves.
  • When you furnish a small studio apartment, go for folding furniture pieces.
  • Put the focus on lightning and play with it. Small spaces tend to be dark and depressed, so open them up with light.
  • Mirrors will become your best friends to make an illusion of a bigger space.
  • Try to avoid small rugs because it will make your room look smaller than it is.
  • Be bold and do not use just white and beige colors. If you do not have a big home, it does not mean it needs to be dull and ordinary.

Renting a storage unit in NYC

What to do with all the furniture and items you have and you moved to NYC? Now you have a small apartment, probably all of your stuff will not fit in. Throwing it or selling/donating are the options you have, but what if you do not want to sell them or throw them away? One of the best options is to rent a storage unit, and there you can store all the items you do not need every day. It is cheaper than renting a bigger apartment in NYC. Calculate how many household items you have and choose the right size storage facility. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC can offer you different options and sizes.

Outdoor storage units in NYC
Find the right size storage unit and put your household items inside to free up space in your home

When you are done with setting your furniture, it is time for decoration. It is also challenging. Colors, decorations, lightning can change the whole feel in your new home, even to make it looks bigger or smaller.  Furnish a small studio apartment in NYC and make it a perfect home. After all, you are in the Big Apple so that you will spend most of your time outside. Exploring, eating, working, drinking coffee. And when you want to relax and spend time inside of your cozy home, you do not need three bedrooms, large living room, etc. A sofa and TV are just fine and enough.

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