Florida family moving to Colorado – is DIY move a good idea

Once you have decided to move and saved up enough money to do so, you will eventually be faced with a dilemma. Do you move on your own, or do you hire a moving company? Unfortunately, both options have pros and cons, and so there is no clear-cut answer. What we can do to help you solve this dilemma, however, is properly list all the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY move! Is DIY move a good idea for you when moving to Colorado? Let’s find out together!

Is DIY move a good idea for you when moving to Colorado: The Advantages

No time constraints

When hiring a moving company, they will make a rigid schedule and stick to it. You will be expected to meet that schedule to a tee if you want your move to go well! If you fail to comply, your move might even fall through. On the other hand, doing a DIY move would leave you in charge of your time. This would give you much more flexibility in your planning! You would be able to pick the best time of the year for your move personally. Another advantage is that you would be able to move at once or, if you have enough leeway, do the move piecemeal over a month or even several months if you are so inclined.

A person loading a moving truck before moving to Colorado.
You would get to organize yourself any way you like!

You would get to save money

It is only natural that moving and storage companies are expensive. They do hard, demanding work and deserve to be paid for it. However, you might not be able, or willing to pay the asking price. A DIY move would let you save money if you do it right! Just make sure to plan properly, because if you don’t, you run the risk of raising the cost of moving to beyond what you would have paid professionals. Take the time to learn what you can about doing it right. Even take the time to learn more about Colorado!

Handle your items yourself

You might, for one reason or another, be uncomfortable letting strangers handle your things. The items might represent precious memories you don’t want to share with just anyone. A DIY move would let you avoid such a thing. Besides, it’s not like you have to do everything yourself! You could ask friends and family for help! This would ensure that only the people you know and trust can go through your things. Just remember to take extra care when handling fragile items!

Plan things just so

Hiring strangers to do the moving for you comes with one obvious downside: they don’t know what you want from your new home! When you make the move on your own, however, you have full control over how the move is done. This means that, instead of having your things unloaded more or less haphazardly to be organized later, you can start making adjustments to your space right away! You can carefully pick out exactly where you want each piece of furniture, without having to spend days readjusting things once they’ve already been set up once.

Is DIY move a good idea for you when moving to Colorado: The Disadvantages

You would be wasting time better used elsewhere

Professional movers are considered professionals because of how good they are at their job. This means that, while it might take you several days and trips to move everything properly, they would do the work within a single day, if not within several hours. This means that, without professional assistance, you would be losing immense amounts of time you could have used to get acquainted with your new home. So, consider hiring a reliable moving company, such as Big Man’s Moving Company, to make your move so much easier.

Unexpected issues might crop up when moving to Colorado

It is unpleasant to consider, but things can often go wrong! Here are just a few things that could go wrong during your DIY move.

  • You could get hurt! Moving heavy and bulky items is hard and potentially dangerous work. Dropping something, falling, or throwing out your back could all lead to serious injuries.
  • You or your kids could get sick! Imagine the horror of facing a health emergency in the middle of a move! With professional movers, the effects would be mitigated almost entirely, but when on your own you could be in serious trouble. All the more if you are a single parent with plenty of other things to consider when moving!
  • You could damage your belongings or property! Without the right skills and training, it is easy to damage things when moving.
Putting plaster on a hurt elbow.
You never know how badly you might get hurt moving on your own!

You might not have the needed know-how

A DIY mover is unlikely to have the knowledge and skills of a professional. We have already mentioned some of the things that could go wrong during a move, and you would only be compounding the chances of such mishaps without proper, professional help! Professionals would know exactly how to handle large items, avoid damage to fragile ones, and can even offer assistance for loading a truck properly. This way, you could avoid damaging your new home before you’ve even settled in!

Moving professionals at work.
Professionals know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it!

You would suffer more stress

Moving is not easy! Keeping to schedules, organizing a budget, keeping track of kids and items… The list goes on and on and on! All of these things cause stress, and by the end of the move it can all really pile up. You do not want your first days in your new home to be spent as a nervous wreck! Besides, stress can easily lead to making mistakes, and mistakes easily lead to injuries. Moving with professional help is not entirely stress-free, that is true, but it certainly helps! It would massively reduce both the amount of planning you need to do personally and relieve you of stresses incurred while trying to wrangle with the furniture.

Final word

In the end, we cannot offer you a definitive answer to whether or not a DIY move when moving to Colorado is better for you personally. What we can do, however, is summarize: If you have plenty of time on your hands, are not prone to stress, and do not have much money left over for your move, DIY might be better for you. On the other hand, if you are rushing to move into your new home, are prone to stress, and unsure if you can handle the physical demands of moving, hiring professional help is definitely preferable! We hope we’ve helped you on your way to making a decision on whether a DIY move is a good idea for you and your family!

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