How to fit the piano into a small apartment?

Moving to a new place is hard enough even without having to worry about additional issues. You have to carefully plan the entire relocation, to the slightest details, to fit your belongings. The proud owners of delicate instruments like piano are facing additional complications about the space. Especially when it comes to downsizing. Fortunately, there is a couple of interesting ways to fit the piano into a small apartment. As well as a couple of more radical solutions for this problem.

The ways to fit the piano into a small apartment

People who don’t play instruments might wonder why would you even bring a piano. Well, despite the obvious, reasons can be many. Those who play instruments won’t easily give up on them. A similar feeling is when you ask a car owner to give up his car. It’s simply a part of their lives and it goes where they go. Also, families with kids will often keep the instrument since it benefits the kids’ development. And, the kids might even develop affinities toward playing it on an advanced level.

There are three ways you can approach the problem when looking for a crew to help you move your bulky instrument:

  1. You can try to figure out the ways to fit your instrument in.
  2. Take your piano’s performance potential into consideration and search for a larger place. This depends on your priorities the most.
  3. The last option is to change your instrument for a smaller piano.

Here, we will discuss the first option since it doesn’t require you to invest more money.

Dealing with different sizes of your instrument

In most cases, pianos are large instruments. Even the smaller variants will require you to carefully plan the arrangement of your furniture. People have the most difficulties when moving to another place. You’ve finally found the right spot and suddenly you have to move. Even worse, your new home is smaller than the old one. It shouldn’t be much of a problem if you play electronic keyboards. They are more portable and don’t occupy a lot of space. However, if you are the owner of grand pianos, then you are in real trouble. You will need a lot of horizontal space if you are planning to fit it in.

You can ask for help to fit the piano into a small apartment

When moving your precious instrument from point A to point B, don’t try to do it yourself. You will need a professional moving company like, which has more than enough experience in dealing with delicate items. It doesn’t matter how sturdy your piano looks, it’s fragile and require special handling. Why would you even consider risking to damage your valuable instrument when it can cost you more than hiring help? Also, they are heavy so you might even injure yourself. Additionally, professional movers are not there only to lift things. They can help you significantly with their insight when you are trying to figure out where and how to fit the piano into a small place.

Try to declutter to free more space

If you haven’t thought about it before moving in, now is the right time to further declutter your home. If your large table is occupying a lot of space, and you are living alone, then it’s probably the time to replace it. Surprisingly, you can find many unnecessary items you can get rid of, once you start looking. A large bookshelf not serving its purpose is another candidate for removal. Maybe it’s time to ditch some decorations in favor of more space. Simply put, see what things have lesser priority to you than your piano.

Cluttered room in a house.
Some places need decluttering even without a piano.

Try rearranging your furniture when trying to fit piano into a small apartment

Think if there is a way to differently arrange your furniture to free some additional space. If all sides of your room are occupied but the middle is empty, move a couple of things to see if there is any effect. If you have bulky furniture, maybe it’s time to replace it with smaller versions. A huge bed taking up the entire wall is unnecessary for a single person. Also, you can try to move some items to a different room. Give it some time and the answer will show by itself. Don’t hesitate to experiment, but call for an additional pair of hands to help you with lifting.

Now is the time to be creative

When looking for an appropriate position to fit the piano into a small apartment, everything counts. If you have a small room that serves as a storage, take measures and see if the piano can fit. Try to use your imagination if you have some unusual spots in your home. If you have an empty space below the stairs in your small house, it can be a good spot. A closed balcony is also a place to consider, just pay attention to the “closed” part. You don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Maybe investing in sound isolation on the outer wall is a worthy investment. Even the attic can be an interesting option, in case you have one. Of course, you don’t forget that your piano needs certain conditions in order to remain operative. Humidity can make serious damage to your instrument.

An office desk occupying the entire wall.
You can remove the desk in favor of the piano.

Check out the corners

There is a great chance that some of the corners in your place are not fully utilized. But they can be a perfect spot for your upright piano. Move a few things around and voila, the solution is there. They don’t even occupy a lot of horizontal space. Another solution is to check the walls. To explain, a small cabinet, not more than 3 feet in height, can easily be replaced with simple shelves. But the great part is, shelves can be lifted up, so your piano can fit right below them. One more solution, not so regular, is to use your upright piano as a divider. If your room is like a loft-style layout, the piano can separate the space. Add in a carpet and you will get two distinct zones.

Unusual corner with semi-large piano.
A wonderful corner for placing a piano.

Obviously, it’s hard to fit the piano into a small apartment. However, it’s not impossible. With enough imagination and creativity, you can come up with many ideas. Some will be less effective than others, but it’s worth trying.


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