First apartment moving checklist – 2020 edition

Regardless if you’re moving out for college, a job or you want to live on your own, you want to be prepared. Making this step and starting a new life stage can be intimidating. But, with the right preparation, you’ll be ready when the time comes. Here’s the first apartment moving checklist- 2020 edition.

How to move for the first time – First apartment moving checklist

With the first apartment moving checklist you’ll make this job easier on yourself. This is the best way to determine the steps for your first relocation. Here you’ll find a moving checklist divided into sections by the stages of your move. First, budgeting, then packing and moving. Next, there are added steps to every stage to ensure that you cover all of your bases. And, once you finish everything, you can learn how to throw a memorable house warming party.

Question Mark - First apartment moving checklist
Wonder how to get ready for moving in your first apartment. Use this first apartment moving checklist- 2020 edition.

Budget the move

When you’re moving for the first time, you need to dedicate your attention to preparation work. So, check these preparation and budgeting boxes:

  • Have a stable income. No matter if your parents are paying for your college apartment or you’re on your own, have a reliable income. You must budget for your first apartment and to be sure that you can afford to live on your own. 
  • Save as much as possible. A big part of your income will be going towards rent. Therefore, save up, so you have a bit of wiggle room. It’s best to save for several months ahead of relocation, just to be safe.
  • Consider moving costs. It’s nice if you can move entirely on your own. But, probably that won’t be the case. You can consider hiring full-service movers: pros and cons. But, it will cost you. 
  • Find an apartment that fits your budget, needs, and wants. First and foremost, hunt an apartment that fits your budget before it fits your desires.


Packing is a necessary step to the move. Here’s the first apartment moving checklist when it comes to this task.

  • Don’t procrastinate. It will only hurt you.
  • Collect boxes. You can get free moving boxes from locations like the grocery stores, delivery service providers, or other local businesses in your area. But, make sure they are sturdy. You only want the best moving boxes for all your packing needs.
  • Organize belongings by room and label boxes. Make relocation easier and organize your belongings by room. Put them in the correct boxes and label everything.
  • Reserve a moving truck and a storage locker. You’ll probably need a moving truck. So, look up the price ahead of time, and reserve it. This is less costly than hiring a team of movers. 
Cardboad Box Packing
Collect packing supplies and start packing as soon as possible.

Moving day – First apartment moving checklist

  • Get an early start. Moving day is time-consuming, so start early.
  • Move-in the large belongings first. Items like the couch, mattress, bedroom furniture, and kitchen table are considered big. Unload them and get them into the apartment. You’ll have a better idea of how your apartment will be laid out.
  • Unpack when you move everything in. After the large items go in, bring in all of your boxes. Then, place them in the room or area of the apartment in which it will belong. 
  • Take a necessary lunch break.  

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