Feng Shui tips for business success

Feng shui (“feng” meaning “wind” and “shui” meaning “water”) is the ancient Chinese practice of placing objects within one’s living space in order to achieve a balance with the natural world. Since consciously placing objects a certain way enables them to better absorb the Earth’s natural energy, feng shui can help maximize the harmony between objects and their surroundings. This ancient principle can be applied in both private and corporate settings. Centuries later, the idea of using feng shui to achieve success is still appealing to many home owners as well as business owners. Here are some simple feng shui tips for business success you can easily incorporate in your workspace. Don’t start purging your closet or your work desk items just yet.

Your desk is vital for business success

Where to place your desk

Something as simple as the placement of objects in your office has the ability to balance the flow of energy and encourage business growth. The positioning of your desk is very important. The optimal desk position, a.k.a. the command position, is placing your desk diagonally across from the door (never in direct line with the door), your back facing a wall (never a door or a window). Ideally, you should be able to see the entire room from this position, including all of its windows and doors. This way you’ll have full visual control over your workspace, which gives you control over your professional life according to feng shui. Also, the ceiling light should not be directly above your desk.

Working at a desk facing a wall prevents the movement of energy which leads to isolation and may even trigger claustrophobia. If facing a wall is your only option, hang a picture of a landscape or birds in front of your desk to create an illusion of open space.

How to declutter your desk

Some feng shui tips for business success are also common sense. The clutter on your desk is cluttering up your mind and blocking the flow of productive chi. Hence, work performance and productivity can be improved by decluttering and establishing order. Take some time to tidy up your desk, remove everything from it and put back only the items you use every day. Place the excess items and papers in your desk drawers, file cabinets, storage cabinets or containers. Since cluttered work areas block positive energy, this principle applies to the entire room, not just your desk.

Keep only what you need on your desk

What to keep on your desk

Keep only the items that can help your career. Wood and the color green symbolize health, growth and family. The east side of your desk is the best place for a family photo in a wood frame or a live plant. To generate wealth, put a red or purple artifact on the southeast corner of your desk.

Water feng shui tips for business success

The Chinese believed that chi uses wind and water to flow through nature and the universe. Doing business is all about making money and water is considered the most powerful symbol of money in feng shui. Therefore, we suggest adding a fountain or aquarium to your workspace. You can make that project a part of your commercial renovation guide.

If you opt for a fountain, make sure the water flow is not blocked, stagnant or too rapid. If your space is limited, there are small fountains designed for a desk or small table. Another calming and beautiful choice is a fish tank or aquarium. Many business people choose goldfish, as they are believed to attract money.

Live plants

Other living things like plants and flowers have many favorable influences, too. In addition to making your office more beautiful and enhancing air quality, their green color promotes growth which is great for business feng shui. To help your business prosper, avoid cacti or any plants with sharp-looking leaves. Jade plants, lucky bamboo plants, peace lilies, and moth orchids are all good choices. Keep your plants dusted, healthy and vibrant-looking and replace them immediately if they die.

Add more light to your workspace

Let as much light inside as you can to attract positive energy to your business. Ideally, you should choose locations where the main entrances face open spaces. Another feng shui tip for business success is adding light to business offices and client reception areas. In case there are no windows in your office, use a rotating ceiling fan, pictures with open windows, or a bell collection.

Have enough light in your office – that is one of the Feng Shui tips for business success


As mentioned, the placement of objects can have both positive and negative effects. Mirrors that face entrances should be avoided because they redirect the positive energy entering your business. To increase wealth and prosperity, hang mirrors over your cash registers or safes. If there are any square columns within your building, you should cover them with mirrors to repel negative energy. You see, feng shui is important even when you pack and store classical furniture.

Home office feng shui tips for business success

People who work from home could also use a few feng shui tips for business success.

  • A home office should not be a part of a larger room. If this can’t be avoided, use something like a screen or large plant as a room divider. Another idea is placing an area rug on the floor to mark off the office. If you can’t have a separate entrance to your home office, at least choose a room located near the front/back door of your house or apartment.
  • This room should be lit better than other rooms in your home and have plenty of natural light.
  • Feng shui prefers strong, rich colors over light, pastel shades.
  • Select furniture with sharp angles and straight lines for your home office.
  • Choose blinds for office windows instead of curtains.
  • Pay attention to your office ceiling as well. It is preferable to have flat ceilings.

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