Benefits of downsizing into a smaller home in NY

Do you want to move, but you do not want to leave New York? People are changing home constantly. For many different reasons. Some want a bigger home and some of them need downsizing into a smaller home in NY. What are the pros of living in a small apartment? Advantages will be listed below.

Why people choose a smaller home in NY?

New York is one of the most expensive states in the USA. It is the main reason why people choose to live in a smaller space. The average home price here is about $693,000 (the average costs for the US is $220,000) and it is not going to be lower any time soon. When calculating the costs of living, housing is the major factor. Also, it is much cheaper to furnish a small studio apartment in NYC  than a bigger one.

Calculating costs of downsizing into a smaller home in NY
One of the major reason for moving to a smaller place is money

Pros of  downsizing into a smaller home in NY

Are you tired of living in a big house when you do not actually need it? Or you want to try something new and different? What benefits will bring living in a small space in NY? Here are some major pros and why you should consider this type of living.

Smaller homes are cheaper

The first and major reason is the price of home or rent. Rent for a studio apartment is much cheaper than rent for 2 bedroom apartment, for example. That is why many NY residents choose to live with a roommate or roommates. Try to sell your house fast, and you will have money to buy a new smaller place plus you can furnish it and travel. Rent is getting higher and higher each year. Sometimes it is hard to handle everything. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,000 and for a two-bedroom apartment is 3,780. It is a big difference.

Cheaper bills and fees

Monthly bills for a smaller home in NY will be lower too. Not only that you will save money on basic utilities, but also, you will buy less furniture, appliances, decorations, cleaning product, etc. Electricity bill will be much cheaper than it is in a bigger place. Downsizing into a smaller home in NY will increase your budget, for sure. You can save even more money if you hire Hell’s Kitchen based moving professionals that are affordable.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Of course, it is easier to clean smaller home, and faster too. People spend too much time cleaning, so if you do not love to clean, a smaller home is a perfect solution for you. By spending 15 minutes everyday cleaning, you will have more time for yourself, family, and friends. Your stress level will be lower and you will have more fun by reducing the usual chores. Even if you want to renovate your home after a while, it will be faster.

Saving energy

Smaller home tends to be more eco-friendly. Not only by using less electrical energy but also you will heat or cool the apartment faster. If you want to be more eco-friendly, use energy efficient appliances, pay attention to your waste and plastic garbage, use minimal water, etc. Saving the Earth is more efficient if you live in a small home. Nowadays, most appliances spend minimal electric energy than they were before.

Spending more time outside

NY is a beautiful state and it has a lot to offer. From natural beauties to different restaurants, bars, parks, etc. If you move to a smaller apartment or a house, you will spend more time outside, for sure. Not only in NY but also you will have money for traveling and trying new things. Remember, now you are spending less time on bills, so you have extra money and time to enjoy outside with your friends and family.

View of the NY from the sky at night
Explore NY and other states too. It is possible if you spend less money on housing and cleaning

Closer to the city

If you want to live near the city or in the city center, you should consider renting or buying a smaller home. Not because of the price, it is not the only factor. Even if you do want to live in a bigger home, it is hard to find in NY, especially in NYC. It is hard to find a perfect home, and when you find one, grab it immediately.  or you will lose it.

Spending more time with family

Did you notice that your kids are always in their own room so you are not seeing each other often? That is not a problem when downsizing into a smaller home in NY because you will spend most of the time in the same living room together. You will know what is happening in your family’s life and how did they spend their day. It is priceless.

How to move into a smaller home?

If you want to save money, moving into a small home is one part of it. Another part is hiring an affordable moving company to help you move household items to the new home. Do not choose a too expensive company, because a high price does not mean quality service. It may be a red flag. Dynamic Movers NYC have a price anyone can afford. After all, you can always negotiate and try to get the best offer.

Drinking tea and relaxing
You will be more relaxed if you hire a moving company, and more relaxed if you move to a smaller home

Downsizing into a smaller home in NY has many benefits, and we listed one of the most important and common. Now when you know what benefit, you can decide easier. Write down your priorities and how you see yourself in a couple of years. Being prepared and having the right information is already half of the job.

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