DIY relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado: what could go wrong?

How to cope with long-distance moving? Moving from one state to another requires preparation and good organization. Moving to CO from NH takes energy, time, and money. There are 2 main options when it comes to moving – DIY relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado and hiring a moving company. Both options have good and bad sides and you need to consider them and choose the best for you.

Take everything into consideration

Time, money, risks of potential injuries, energy, and deadlines. Know the benefits and bad sides of moving by yourself before you decide to move. Leaving your home is stressful enough. Don’t complicate the moving process too and make some checklist or find a guide that will help you move with ease. No matter what the reasons to relocate are, the moving process should be planned in advance.

A road sign showing left and right symbolizing DIY relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado
Should you move by yourself or should you hire a professional moving company?

What can go wrong with DIY relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado?

It is normal to ask yourself, what could possibly go wrong when moving without a professional mover? One of the first choices to make when moving is to decide whether it is best to hire professional movers or to try a DIY move. Consider these situations before making the final call.

  1. Moving injuries are common, unfortunately. You can hurt your back, knees, or arms. DIY relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado means that packing is more complicated and takes more time. Lifting all those heavy and large items require special moving equipment and knowledge.
  2. Stress is higher when moving by yourself. To cope with moving stress better, ask for help.
  3. Moving process will be longer because you have only yourself to rely on. You can lose a lot of time.
  4. Driving a moving vehicle is not simple. It is recommonded only if if you have experience. The distane between New Hampshire and Colorado is around 2,000 miles and it is not easy to drive that long (2 days of driving). There are a lot of things that can go wrong when driving a big moving vehicle cross-country.

DIY mistakes people make when moving

What are common moving mistakes when moving by yourself?

  • Assuming that DIY relocation is cheaper than hiring a professional moving company. It is not always the case. If you budget is tight, there are other ways to cut the moving costs.
  • Underestimating the time required to organize a self-move is often a problem. Keep in mind that moving takes a lot of time, espeacilly when moving long-distnace.
  • Renting too small moving vehicle. First decide what will you move, measure, and calculate and then rent the right size moving truck or a moving van.
  • Not all moving boxes are good for packing. If you are moving fragile items, boxes should be new and firm. Make sure to have strong moving boxes.
  • Packing is not easy and simple, espeailly not when packing items for a long-distance move.

Not all of us are packing experts. That is why sometimes is the best option to hire professional packers. Finding help is a good move because your moving process will be fast and smooth. And also, all your items will arrive safely in Colorado state.

A mover taping a moving box
Don’t underestimate packing when moving

Avoid mistakes by hiring a reliable moving company

If you are scared to move by yourself and you want to avoid all the potential moving problems and move stress-free, then you should consider finding a moving company with experience in long-distance relocation. New Hampshire luckily has a lot of reliable and reputable movers to offer. Professionals can help you with long-distance or local relocation.

But, your relocation will be smooth only if the company is verified. That means they are licensed and insured. One of the companies that are reliable is My Brooks Moving New Hampshire and they already know the area in NH.

There are plenty of different moving services you can hire

Full-service movers, packing services, only transportation services, or storage services. For example, you can pack your items by yourself and hire a moving company to transport your household items from New Hampshire to Colorado. If you are moving expensive artwork or musical instruments, you should have professionals by your side.

A woman having shoulder pain.
Avoid moving injuries by hiring movers.

How to have an easy DIY relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado?

Moving from one state to another is a big step and change in life, so be fully prepared and know what to expect. If you are dedicated to organizing DIY relocation, then do it right. Here are some simple tips.

  • Ask friends and family member for help. Keep in mind that packing for a move from New Hampshire to Colorado and lifting all those heavy items is not a job for one person.
  • Rent a moving vehicle or a trailer because it won’t be possible to move all your funiture in your car. You need to rent a vehicle in advance, to make a reservation. Another option is to rent a moving container and it is one of the easiest options.
  • Start early with moving preparations because DIY relcoation take more time.
  • Declutter before packing and move only the items you will use. Many of us collect junk. This way you can save money too.
  • Get enough packing supplies and materials such as moving boxes, air bubble foil, moving blankets, rent a moving dolly, get packing peanuts, and but strong duct tape.
  • Make a moving checklist and follow it. You can write a customized checklist or download it online. there are also some moving apps you can download as well.

If you have decided to have a DIY relocation from New Hampshire to Colorado, then do it properly. Research and learn how to make this process easy and simple. If you are moving for the first time, you should have a moving guide to follow.

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