Deep cleaning your apartment: dos and don’ts

Deep cleaning your apartment doesn’t have to take hours. One friend of mine from Police Academy told me that his captain always used to tell them: “Cleaning is not something you do. Cleanliness is something you maintain.” And he was more than right. If you do it more often, you won’t find yourself in the uncomfortable position of scrubbing till your last breath.

But let’s say you’ve just bought the place of your dreams, after a long search. It would have taken less for sure if you only read our tips for buying your own place. But hopefully, by now, you’ve managed to do it on your own already. The first thing you’d want to do is deep clean your apartment. This way you will make sure that nothing will remain unsanitized before moving all your stuff in.

We prepared a list of points you might wanna check when it comes to the cleanliness of your newly bought condo:

Paint the walls afresh

You should start thinking about it in the nuances of messiness. I mean, which of the activities would be the messiest, so you can plan it in the beginning. This will save you some time because you’re not going to need to repeat the whole process of cleaning once you’re nearly done with it. You should choose some bright colors in those rooms that the sun doesn’t get the majority of the day. And it’s a good idea to start thinking about the furniture as well so that the color can go hand in hand with it.

A room painted blue with a painting in the middle and two shelves full of books on each side of it.
Painting the walls will do wonders, so always make sure to choose the right colors.

Wipe the dust off from everywhere and polish the cabinets

Once all the dust has been wiped from hard surfaces, make sure you are using the right furniture cleaner and polish when deep cleaning your apartment. Let it do its thing for a minute or two after applying the products, and only then start using a soft cloth to clean.

Mopping the floor

It’s very important that you use some 99,99% germ-killing solution for the floors. Especially if you have small children that are almost permanently crawling and putting the palm of their hands down.

Time to take care of the windows

A smart way of doing it would be to clean the windows from top to bottom. Use circular moves when wiping and make sure there are no fingerprints on the glass once you are done. An important tip which you really need to consider would be to use your dominant hand while cleaning the windows on the outside. This will confer you easier access to all the stubborn and hard-to-get spots that are on the other side of the glass, without risking your own safety.

With all of these aspects taken care of, you can now take a big picture of it. Start using your imagination and do some mental math regarding the period you will be staying there. Is it really the right place for you?

A clean living room after deep cleaning your apartment.
Consider adding some greenery to your flat for better air quality.

If after the cleaning is done you realize it’s not what you wanted for yourself, it’s not too late to stage your home for virtual tours and resell it that fast. It is important that you feel at home after a long day at work. And if this means starting all over with the search, let it be. At least after deep cleaning your apartment you already have some experience and also our essential tips from the beginning of the article.

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