Decorating your Florida mansion 101

You have bought a mansion in Florida and you want to change it, or you want to refresh the old one. Mansion prices are anywhere from 45 million dollars to a couple of millions of dollars. It depends on the city and the size of the mansion. Decorating your Florida mansion is a big step and it will take you a lot of time because of its size. Most mansions are between 5,000 and 8,000 square feet, but they can be bigger.

First of all, make a plan in advance and try to be organized. Having a big and luxurious house is amazing, but it takes a lot of work. Florida has a lot of big mansions, most of them are near the beach where the view is breathtaking. Decorate an interior and exterior of your mansion and make a home from your dreams.

If you don’t have enough ideas and you don’t know where to start, tips and trick are very useful right now. You may find here solutions to your decorating problems.

Tips for decorating your Florida mansion

To add smart home features or to change the style of your mansion, tips are almost essential. By following these simple tips, you will be making a heaven out of your mansion.

Think about the first impression when entering the mansion

A warm welcome is important in every house and in villas too. The living room in a mansion has a purpose – to be a receiving area for visitors. Make it impressive and breathtaking. Leave the center of the room open or add a fireplace. Furniture should be comfy, add curtains on large windows, etc.

The entry to a mansion.
Decorate the entry to the mansion and exterior too.

Monochromatic colors for a modern look

If you want a modern look in your Florida mansion, monochromatic colors are a good choice. Colors in a mansion are “limited”. Pick the main color for the mansion and then pick a secondary color for every room. For example, lighter colors in bedrooms and bold colors in the kitchen.

Have carpets and curtains

The mansion is not ready without carpets and long curtains. Especially, don’t forget to put a carpet in a dining-kitchen room. Luxury is seen in the curtains, and it will give a special vibe to your big mansion. They are essential in mansions.

A livingroom.
If you prefer a modern look and want natural light and a big view, in some rooms curtains can be avoided.

Divide space with furniture

Some of the rooms should be open and big, but if you want to divide some rooms, don’t put walls. Instead, use pieces of furniture such as bookcases. And don’t put too much furniture in mansion rooms, it won’t be impressive. You can add more space by renting safe units, which will enable you to keep the mansion open and clean more easily.

Add antiques

The same as curtains, a mansion without antiques is not a mansion. Luxurious houses all have antique furniture, or at least, a couple of antiques. They can be put in every room of your villa. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Even some modern mansions have a couple of antiques.

Glassware touch

A big candelabra will decorate the entire room, or a stained glass window too. Play with glassware and use the high ceiling of the mansion for big and long chandeliers. Put them in party halls or dining rooms, they don’t have to be in bedrooms.

Add artworks and paintings

Don’t hang too many painting on the walls, but on the other hand, don’t leave them naked.  Find a few paintings and artwork for your mansion, and remember it is a house not a museum. For example, every room should have one big artwork that attracts attention. Other artwork should be smaller.

A beach.
Most Florida mansions are near the beach, and the view is spectacular. Glasswall and the view can be your paint.

Rent a storage unit while decorating your Florida mansion

Where to put all the furniture while you are remodeling and decorating your Florida mansion? The house is huge, so you most likely have a lot of items. You can’t just put them in the corner.

One of the best solutions is to find a storage unit that is big enough for all your household items. It should be near your mansion in Florida, so you don’t have to drive too long to the storage unit. City Movers is one of the storage companies in FL you may hire. Your items will be safe and you will have the access 24/7.

Hire professional interior designer in Florida

To follow real estate trends in Florida and to have a professionally decorated mansion, there is a solution. Hire an interior designer and don’t worry about all that decorating-related work. Here are some benefits of hiring a pro:

  • It will save you money, even if this sounds crazy. Owers often make mistakes, so they spend a lot of money by buying things twice. Give to a professional your budget for decorating, and he/she will manage it and also increase the value of the mansion.
  • A designer will see issues “normal” people can’t. He/she will make a plan or a couple of them and then inform you. Their knowledge about decoration can’t be the same as yours.
  • Interior designers are connected with contractors, plumbers, and other workers that you may need, especially if the mansion is old.
  • They will save you time too. Decorating your Florida mansion is stressful and you will need a lot of time just to make a plan and to find all the materials. Professionals will do it much faster and more efficiently.

Ideas are endless, you just need to know what style you want. Minimalism, antique, baroque, industrial, modern, etc. Decorating your Florida mansion can be fun and interesting even if you decide to do it by yourself. Set your budget, pick the style, and start working.


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