How to decorate a rental apartment

When you move to a rental apartment there are things that you can, and that you should do, to make yourself feel at home. It probably won’t be decorated as an apartment that you purchase but there are so many great decorating things that you can do, and if you want to know ways on how to decorate a rental apartment you came to the right place. There are do it yourself things that you can do when you buy an apartment and then there are decorating things that you can do for a rental apartment. So, stay tuned.

How to decorate a rental apartment? There are so many ways
Decorate a rental apartment the way you want

Decorate a rental apartment by your own taste

There are tips and tricks for moving to another country, or moving to another city, but, there are so many other tips and tricks that you can follow when moving to another apartment. Even a rental one. There is no reason for you not to make your living space the way you want it, and in a way that when you enter your home, you feel great and comfortable. You may have a feeling that there is no need for you to decorate someone’s else apartment because one day you will leave it. However, if you are thinking of staying longer in that place, at least for a couple of years you should definitely decorate it by your own taste.

What to do first

Once you move to a rented apartment first thing that you should do is paint it a different color. The one you like. It doesn’t matter if its orange, yellow or a new coat of simple white. If you paint it, it will look so different and fresh. It will be something that you will very much enjoy once you come home from work. This is something that you should probably do in arrangement with the landlord. Since the apartment is rented, painting the apartment or any other change that it may affect the look of the apartment in a long run should all be in a deal with the landlord. He probably won’t have anything against you painting the place in the color of your choice.

A wall with splashed colors
          Paint your walls in some happy color

Once you paint, decorating can start

The answer to the question of how to decorate rental apartment has never had an easier answer. There are so many tips that you can follow and enjoy your apartment even though is rented. The fact that it is rental does not mean anything, as long as you check all of your suggestions with the landlord. Not the small things that you would like to change, like buying a new chair or anything like that. You can buy anything you want for your rented apartment, and once you move you will logically take it with you. However, when it comes to things like we mentioned, painting, moving anything from the furniture out from the apartment, and anything else that requests his approval, you should mention it to the landlord and see from there what you can do.

Curtains, paintings and so much more

Curtains can do so much for your home space. From one-bedroom apartments to bigger apartments, curtains are giving so much beauty to the apartment. It would be the best if you choose a colorful one for your main room. Of course, everyone has their own taste but if you want to add some brightness to the room, it would be great that your curtains be in some warm color. Your carpet and your curtains should be:

  • Yellow, this color will brighten your room perfectly
  • Orange is great if you don’t like yellow. It will still brighten up the room and make it joyful
  • Pink is the color that you have to like for it to be part of your living room
  • Red is the color of passion, so if you want your room to have a serious tone, red is the one to choose
Sleeping room
Curtains are very important for the look of the room

When it comes to curtains and carpets, it doesn’t have so much to do with decorating itself. You just have to pick them smart. You need to enjoy the main colors of your room. What brings a real zest to the room are paintings. Not the expensive ones. You can buy a beautiful painting from a street vendor and it will look a hundred times better on your wall then a painting by some famous artist.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

On the question of how to decorate a rental apartment, the answer can easily be to buy a great mirror. That simple. Having a great, big mirror in your apartment can make your place so much cuter.  Of course, you have to play it safe if you follow the rules of Feng Shui. One of the main rules is that you shouldn’t have a mirror in the room where you sleep.

It is a bit harder to follow this rule when you are living in a studio apartment, but if you have at least two rooms in your apartment keep the mirror in the one where you do not sleep. Other than that having a nice, big mirror in the apartment is lovely. You can decorate it the way you like it. One of the suggestions could be to tape the light bulbs from Christmas decoration or any other kind of small bulbs to the frame of the mirror. In this way, you will get one interesting and nice-looking mirror.

When you want to decorate a rental apartment there are dos and don’ts. Being sure of what you are allowed to do and what you aren’t allowed to change in the apartment is a way to go. If a landlord doesn’t care, and he allows you to do anything, let your imagination go wild. Even though you are not going to live there forever, it is crucial to make it feel like home. You should always enjoy the place where you have your daily activities and where you sleep and have your friends come over. So, do not hesitate. Listen to some of the great advice, and check some of the great DIY tutorials online and start decorating.

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