How to deal with heartbreak and relocation at the same time

Is there a guide to a breakup? How to “fix” your broken heart? If you and your partner lived together in the same home, the process may be a little bit harder. Now, you need to move and start all over. Is it possible to deal with heartbreak and relocation at the same time and how to organize a relocation when you are hurt?

How to move on and feel better?

Love is one of the most beautiful things on Earth but at the same time, it can hurt like nothing else. Life still goes on, and you need to move on. With a little help, you will be able to start your life from ground zero.

Find a new place to live

Moving out after a breakup is a normal part of this process. First, start looking for a new place where to live. What is your budget for rent, where do you want to live, and how big an apartment do you need? Look at the bright side, now you have an opportunity to start a new life, maybe in a new city. If your job allows you that, it is always an option. Maybe you can move to a new state and start a completely new life.

A sad man sitting in a car.
It is not enough just to move out.

If you have a friend where you can stay a couple of days until you find a new place for you, that would be great. Or go to your parents’ house. Finding a new home is not a process you can finish in one day. No one plans a breakup, so it probably is a short notice relocation. Hire a local real estate agent and find a home faster.

Hire a moving company

After choosing and renting a home, it is time to pack and move all your items there. Hiring a moving company is the easiest way to do it. As always, it’s best to leave it to experts, so you can focus on other things. It is too much to handle a relocation when there are so many things on your mind. Give yourself enough time to process everything while professionals are helping you move. They will help you deal with heartbreak and relocation because it is hard to work when you are “broken”.

Research moving companies near you and find appropriate movers. Each city has them. Explore online, ask friends for recommendations, read online moving reviews, and visit websites that only have reliable movers to offer. On you may find movers and moving tips as well.

How to move on after a breakup and deal with heartbreak and relocation?

To deal with heartbreak and relocation, it is not enough just to find a new place and to move out. It is much more than that. The process may take you weeks, or sometimes even months. Moving in as a couple was probably great, but things do not go always as planned, unfortunately.

A man who deal with heartbreak and relocation
Pack and move out, but hire professional movers to help you.

There is not an actual guide you can follow or a recipe on how to deal with a breakup. But, at least, you can try. We all face this situation in life, so you can listen to other people’s experiences. Here are some steps that may help you move on and feel a little bit better. Do not expect immediately to feel great, but after a while, things will get better, for sure.

Give yourself time to grieve

Breakups are not easy. Allow yourself to feel sad and give yourself time to grieve. Especially if it was a long relationship and you forgot how it was to be alone. Do not let anyone rush you. Every person needs a different amount of time to grieve. It is healthy and it actually helps. Feel the emotions and work through them.

But, put a limit on your sadness

On the other hand, sadness should not last forever. At some point, when you feel the time is right, you need to close the door on grief. Put a limit and do not get stuck in sadness.

A sad girl.
Remember, it won’t hurt forever.

It is not good for your health and your future. Remember, life goes on and you need to do the same.

Be in the company of positive people

Be surrounded by people you love and people that are good and positive. Your best friends, family, kids if you have them. For example, go with your mom to dinner, or with your friends to a movie. It is a good idea to go somewhere on a weekend with your friends. Enjoy the beach with friends. It is not good to be alone all the time, because we are social beings and we need company. It is easier to handle this process with people around you.

Do something for yourself

What are the things you always wanted to do? And what do you like doing? Join the gym, play some instruments, read books, try new things, etc. You can travel as well as learn more about different cultures. Move forward and enjoy yourself. Now, you and your needs are first on your list of priorities.

Don’t think about past

Maybe the hardest step on this guide, but, try not to think too much about the past. Most people think about what could be done differently, where was the mistake, who is guilty, who said what, etc. It is a trip without an end and there is no point.

Be open to new friendships

Be open to new things as also, for new people. There are neighborhoods for singles in every city. You can make new friends, and you never know, maybe you will meet a new love soon. There are so many people, so after a while, give someone a chance to win your heart again. It is possible, even it does not sounds possible right now. To deal with heartbreak and relocation you need to understand that some relationships reach an end, and some relationships (the right ones) last forever.

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