Colorado vs. Florida home decor trends

 Everybody’s home is different. People usually love to decorate their living space. They put a lot of effort into that and all in order to gain the desired outcome- creating the perfect place to live in. They want to make it beautiful, pleasant and cozy. And no matter whether it comes to the interior of the exterior decoration, trends are important anyway. In search of the best, inspiration is found everywhere. It is common that, for example, people follow popular trends in their part of the world. They leaf through the magazines in search of the current styles. So, if you are involved in this kind of search, and you want to follow some of the American styles, we can help. Check out Colorado vs. Florida home decor trends and try to choose your best.

The two we compare – Colorado vs. Florida home decor trends

Florida the southernmost state of the United States of America. This beachy destination brings the vibes of the popular coastal decors and trends. On the other hand, Colorado is a western U.S. state. There, people prefer timeless and functional decor elements.  This kind of fashionable design is known as the Scandinavian style. But let’s look a bit deeper.

When you decide to decorate your home, the first thing you have to decide about is the color of your walls. Now let’s see some Colorado vs. Florida home decor trends, when it comes to popular colors.

There is a room with beige walls, a sofa, a table, a chest of drawers, and a clock on one wall.
Neutral colors are everlasting.

Shiny and bright

Living in a shiny state like Florida can really be a good choice. Not only the weather is bright here, but also their homes. Sophisticated neutral colors that prevail in Florida are versatile, and they bring so many possibilities to the interior designs in general. These refreshing creamy white walls, offer your furniture the chance to show itself in its best light. Pick a colorful bed, carpet or curtains, and give that final touch to your coastal living space. So if these decor trends are something you yearn for, decorate your own Florida mansion and create your paradise.

Neutral but alive homes

Now, when it comes to Colorado this situation is very similar to the Florida one. The nuances they prefer in this state are generally the neutral ones, as well. So if you think about starting over in Colorado after living in Florida for some time, it will not take you much to adjust to the color trends in the new state.

Although gray is considered as the leading neutral color, in recent years, much more natural nuances of beige became even more popular in this state. However, what makes it different from the other neutral trends is the very tendency to, in a way, liven up space. That is accomplished by adding some of the fire colors to the calming, and in a way, idle neutrality. Vibrant colors like orange and red can make much difference here.

The eye for subtle details – Colorado vs. Florida home decor trends to compare

What are these small and yet big details that make your home special and different? In Colorado homes, those are interesting patterns that enrich the whole space. In the past years, one became very popular indeed. That is a Native American pattern. Pervaded in the furniture, rugs or artistic works on the walls, this decoration element gives the home an authentic spirit. So, if you decide to renovate your home in Colorado, this is one of the ways to break and enrich the color neutrality of the living space.

There is a room with gray walls. One wall is black, with the TV on it. And there are some sofas in the room, too.
Decorate your house to suit your tastes.

Looking for more

If you are moving to Florida, you surely want to make it simple, and your suiting to the new place easy. For the simple part, choose a good moving company like Vision Movers FL. And for the easy part, you would best adapt to your new living space if it really feels like home.

So when it comes to decorating, the everlasting popular pattern to use in this state is definitely the floral pattern. And although it is always possible to exaggerate with this one, if you are careful nothing can go wrong. Add some flowers to your cushions. Use floral lamp shades to break the form of beige walls. Play a little, but with taste. However, if you consider this a little bit too much, you can always find an alternative. Add some youthful geometric patterns to your walls or your furniture or hang some huge mirrors to open up your space.  Or just combine them all and let the magic happen.

Bring the outdoors inside

Finally, if you yearn for getting in touch with nature again, we have one great suggestion. Why don’t you actually bring nature to your home? Yes, this is really possible. Buy some plants and put them in your living room or in your kitchen. Nature itself offers us so many beauties. We should only look around and take what we are given to. It is as simple as that. And what is interesting is that both Colorado and Florida decor trends support this move as the preferred one if you want to make your space alive.

If you are moving to any of these two states, having something to think and care about, will surely help you while adapting to the new surroundings. And here are some tips when choosing the right plant to buy:

  • find the one that would be easy to take care of
  • choose the one which size would be appropriate for the space in your home
  • don’t spend too much money on it- it would be easier for you that way if the plant for some reason does not survive
There is a bed, a laptop and some cushions on it. And there is a plant next to the bed, one of the Colorado vs. Florida home decor trends that is very popular.
Bring nature in your home and make your space alive.

So, what do you think? Does this sound interesting to you? If yes, don’t waste your time. Borrow some of the best ideas of Colorado vs. Florida home decor trends and create something perfect for you.  Let your dream come true. Good luck!


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