Colorado family’s notebook on the best rural places in Idaho

If you’ve gotten a bit tired of living in a bustling metropolis, then maybe it is time for you to test the charms of rural towns! There is no better place to do this than the state of Idaho. Even the state capital, Boise, has only around 250 thousand people. This makes it quite small by most capital standards. If you are up for something even smaller, however, we have you covered! Join us as we explore the Colorado family’s notebook on the best rural places in Idaho!

The is plenty to recommend Meridian as the best rural place in Idaho

With a bit over 100 thousand residents at the last estimate, Meridian qualifies more like a town than a city! What really recommends Meridian are its many schools, as well as easy access to the resources of Boise. If living within the larger city is unappealing to you, you might consider Meridian as a much calmer, more personable alternative while still retaining the advantages of having access to Boise’s facilities and job opportunities. Besides, when moving it’s best to engage professionals, and even though you can count on them anywhere in the state, Boise is the heart of this excellent moving company based in Idaho!

A street in Boise, the Idaho capital in the vicinity of one of the rural places in Idaho.
Living in Meridian means enjoying a rural place in the vicinity of the capital.

Sun Valley might be the ideal place in Idaho for you and your family

If Meridian is still a bit too bustling for you, then you might consider Sun Valley as the place to move! This homely village community boasts of about one and a half thousand residents. This makes it close-knit and quite peaceful! The nature it offers in aplenty is also a stunning draw, so anyone looking for quiet, slow living will love Sun Valley! Of course, this might make it a bit less attractive to families with small children, both because of the fewer facilities offered and the smaller number of peers. Finally, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for in a home since the housing prices in the area are somewhat higher.

Is Sugar City one of the best rural places in Idaho for you?

In spite of its name, Sugar City actually has more or less the same number of residents as Sun Valley! It does, however, offer an excellent choice of schools and an amazingly low crime rate! This might make it a more attractive option for families with children! The low housing prices in the area also allow potential buyers to really take advantage of the market and find their dream home! Of course, the lower number of job opportunities and amenities available have to be taken into account, but the sacrifice might very well be worth it when compared to the advantages of Sugar City!

Eagle could be the best choice for your family

If you want to stay closer to Boise and Meridian is still much too big for you, then Eagle might be the best of rural places in Idaho for you! Located within commuting distance of the state capital, Eagle offers what Sugar City and Sun Valley might be lacking in. Of course, being bigger at around 30 thousand residents, Eagle itself offers more employment opportunities. Often described as an excellent place to raise a family, it also has a plethora of schools on offer, and the scenery, as well as outdoor activities available, are nothing to scoff at either! Being close to Boise would also grant easier access to excellent services such as Peasley Transfer & Storage. It should, however, be noted that property prices are a bit more expensive compared to Meridian.

The best rural place in Idaho for you might be Hayden

Located next to the stunning Hayden Lake, appropriately named Hayden town is home to around 15 thousand residents. Offering both amazing opportunities to engage in water sports and activities as well as access to wooded areas, Hayden would be an ideal place for any nature lover! It doesn’t hurt its credential either that it offers great housing prices, making it an affordable place to live as well. In addition, the low crime rates of the area make it a safe and inviting place for families. Living next to a body of water would also make both summer and winter temperatures much more bearable. This, in turn, would make house-hunting in winter months a bit less of a chore.

Hayden landscape
Choosing Hayden for your new home location is a good decision.

Honorable mentions for the best rural places in Idaho!

If none of the previous options have really caught your eye, then you might want to take the following towns into account!

  • Pocatello: A quaint college town, Pocatello lays claim to amazing schooling facilities and low crime rates. It also has some of the most affordable housing prices in all of Idaho. This makes it a fairly great choice for families, especially those with prospective college students.
  • Idaho Falls: Located next to a river, Idaho Falls offers plenty of outdoor activities for lovers of water sports. It should also be noted that the city serves as the healthcare hub for the Eastern Idaho. Which, along with its affordable housing prices, might make it appealing to young families. On the other hand, its larger population would make it worse for someone looking to settle in a rural area.
Idaho Falls, one of the best rural places in Idaho.
Idaho Falls is a place perfect for nature lovers.
  • Rexburg: Home of the Brigham-Young University, Rexburg boasts a rapidly increasing population. This, along with a large number of college students, might turn away buyers looking for rural peace and quiet. It is still an excellent choice of place to settle down, however, offering great employment and schooling opportunities.
  • St Anthony: A little town clocking in at about four thousand residents, St Anthony offers amazing property prices. It does, however, have a rather startling lack of choice regarding schooling options. This makes it a less optimal choice for families with children.
  • Garden City: This commuter suburb on the outskirts of Boise offers decent housing prices and easy access to the large city. It also offers a decent number of schools for the young families to pick from.

Final Words

This concludes our Colorado family’s notebook on the best rural places in Idaho! We hope that you have successfully found a town you are drawn to.  Properly plan your move so it goes smoothly, and take advantage of services meant to ease the process! Just remember: the only person who truly knows what you are looking for is yourself! Look into the prices, compare the amenities offered, and choose the option that best suits the needs of your family.

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