Colorado family moving to Massachusetts: find your new home with ease

You and your family have decided to move from Colorado and find your new family home elsewhere. Moving to Massachusetts is actually a very good idea. The state’s economy is booming, so this can be a great place for you.

Fun facts

Massachusetts is home to the very first US lighthouse. It was built in 1716. in the Boston Harbor.

Do you like reading newspapers in the morning? Well, they have a whole house built from the newspaper. Even items inside are from the newspaper-like piano. You must visit this attraction once.

State insect is ladybug.

It looks like in Massachusetts love is always in the air. This state has the lowest divorce rate.

There is a lake called Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. We are not joking, it’s really called that. Are you trying to pronounce it now? It’s almost impossible, but it’s still funny.

Best places to live in Massachusetts

Before moving to Massachusetts you need to do your research so you can find the best city for you and your family. This is not an easy decision and the whole family should be included.


Boston is the capital city. Your kids might find some great schools here. Also, if you are a Red Sox fan, this will be a great place for you. They are famous for baked beans, Fenway Park, and the Boston marathon. Important note, Boston is not considered to be the safest city in the US. Based on FBI crime data the chances of becoming a victim of any kind of crime is 1 in 38.


Your teenagers will love stories about witch trials. For the artsy family, Salem is an amazing place. The whole town is full of museums. Compared to Boston, the costs of living are a lot cheaper. Living in Salem, you will always have that amazing ocean smell in the air.

A witch with a pumpkin.
The history of this town is amazing.


If your kids are thinking about college, consider Cambridge. This is a home to Harvard University. Also, you will be one boat ride from Boston since it’s located on the Charles River just across the Boston. So you will be close to the city capital but in a peaceful and less crowded place.


If you are looking for a small city charm, look no further. Amesbury is a nice town with friendly business and restaurant owners. It’s 35 miles from the capital. It is considered to be a safe city. Tourists love to pick fruit from local farmers or pan for gold. If you are moving to Amesbury, local experts can always assist you and make your transition easier. Talk to them before the actual move, they can give you some good tips on finding a new home with ease.


Boxford is a town in Essex County and is 24 miles from the capital. Also considered to be a safe town, which is a very important thing if you are considering to move your family. If you like to hike, they have the best trails. Also, numerous lakes, ponds, streams, and wildlife making it the perfect place for an outdoorsy family. Luckily, you can always reach out to teams in the neighborhood that will make all the preparations for your transfer to Boxford. While packing your stuff consider getting the best moving boxes you can find. This is important because all your household items need to be safe during your relocation.

Moving to Massachusetts

A move from Colorado to Massachusetts with your whole family is not an easy task but it doesn’t need to be stressful if you plan ahead and find some additional help like

You need to think ahead and make preparations for both you and the kids. Also, it’s important to make all arrangements ahead, like school transfer, for example.

Another important thing is to go to the doctor’s office and the kid’s pediatrician. You need to have your whole medical history with you.

If you have pets, make sure you visit the vet and get all paperwork like vaccination dates. Also, change the location on the microchip in advance.

Moving to Massachusetts will be great thing for you and your family.


Moving to Massachusetts from Colorado will be big transition.

This is the perfect time for downsizing and making priorities. Although we all love to keep some stuff as memories, sometimes there simply isn’t enough place in your new home for everything. If there are things that you don’t want in your new home but you are not ready to get rid of, think about renting storage nearby. Talk to your movers about that too.

Finding your dream house

Before your move to Massachusetts, you need to find your new home. Think about how much space you need, consider the price. Also including your family will make you closer because this won’t be just your decision. It will be teamwork. You all need to make an effort and this is the only way for everybody to be happy. Also, house hunting can be fun for the whole family in every season.

A family house you could move in after moving to Massachusetts
Think about your dream house. You will live here for a long time, it needs to be perfect for you.

The price is right

Boston has the most expensive houses, which is to be expected because it’s always the case with capital cities. In smaller towns as expected the prices are lower and you can afford bigger houses for the same money. This is also something to plan in advance and get additional help.

Safe travels!

Hopefully, you found some good tips here that will make your relocation easier. We wish you good luck and hope that you will find the perfect place for you and your family.

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