Colorado family moving to Belgium – tips for finding schools abroad

Moving your Colorado family abroad can be a great new chapter in your life. Living abroad can widen your horizons and the horizons of your family in many different ways. Once you decide you are ready for such a drastic change you might ask yourself where to move to. There are plenty of great options, but Belgium seems to be one of the best. So, here are a few tips on how to prepare for your big Belgium move and how to find the best educational facility abroad.

How to navigate moving to Belgium

When relocating to Belgium you will have plenty on your plate. Especially when relocating with your kiddos. However, one thing that you mustn’t forget is dealing with your kid’s school paperwork. Here are a few simple things to keep your eye on when relocating overseas, while simultaneously school hunting.

Start your search online

Once your airplane has touched down in Belgium it might be too late to start looking for new schools. That is why you should start looking for schools online. There are websites such as that are a great starting point. Once you filter institutions that you like you can start contacting them via phone or email. This task is just as important as looking for a property to purchase overseas or any other task.

A girl on her laptop, handling her application process before moving to Belgium.
Once you have located your desired school you can also start your application process online.

Get to know the culture and don’t neglect the local language

Another important thing that your entire family needs to do before your move is getting to know the Belgium culture. The more you know what to expect the less of a culture shock you will experience. Also, knowing some of the basis of the local languages can be a great jump start to your new Euro lifestyle. However, there is a trick. In Belgium, three different languages are spoken: Dutch, German and French. You can learn all that we advised simultaneously while you pack and research international transportation methods.

Transporting and shipping your belongings when moving to Belgium from Colorado

Packing and transporting your items overseas is very different than doing that same thing on a domestic level. During your trip, you can pack a limited amount of things since you are traveling via airplane. That is why you need to work on shipping your belongings separately. You can transport your belongings on time, with ease, and safely with the help of professional packers and movers.

Somebody drinking coffee and brushing up on their language skills on their cellphone.
Put your cellphone to good use and use a language learning app to your benefit.

What about your vehicle?

Your vehicle can come along with you during your move to Belgium. It is safe to say that a car or any other vehicle can be very handy. Going to school or taking your kid to school will be fast and simple in your own car. Also, it is always nice to bring a little piece home with you.

Be open-minded and enjoy the ride

Moving to Belgium from Colorado will undouble be a major change. At first, you might go through an adjustment period but once it is over you will learn to truly enjoy all the perks Belgium has to offer. Including high-quality education. Happy moving!

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