Challenges families face during Colorado to Maryland relocation

Is your family getting ready for Colorado to Maryland relocation? In that case, you should stick on and keep reading. We know a thing or two about family relocations, challenges that are pretty common, and ways to overcome them. Relocations are challenging. That’s a simple truth. No matter how many people are coming with them. The more, the harder it gets. It can be especially difficult if you have babies, toddlers, pregnant ladies, or seniors. Those groups require special attention and care. We will obviously mention that as well later in the text and who can help you to overcome all the challenges relocations bring. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be too stressful. But to achieve that, you will need to find adequate help obviously.

Maintaining order and division of everyone’s belongings

It becomes more challenging to relocate with more individuals. Moving is stressful for everyone involved, but it’s especially crucial for families with kids to maintain their sense of order. You definitely don’t need on moving day a fight about who has what on. With the use of color-coded moving equipment, even the most complicated family relocation plans may be executed with ease and efficiency.

Give each member of the family a different hue. Use anything that will stand out at a glance, like a different color, to label their containers. Then, you can easily pack the possessions of each family member into their respective colored boxes. Mark “shared” boxes of similar items, such as dishware or decorative accessories, with a distinct hue. You can relax after the relocation knowing that everyone’s belongings are in their respective colored boxes. When someone needs anything, they can easily find it.

A woman lying with her upper body on the sofa and her lower body on the floor feeling overwhealmed
Take a deep breath!

Handling the kids – this is the biggest challenge

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of ensuring everything goes smoothly during a relocation. You’re stressed about packing, loading, unloading, managing the movers, and getting everyone where they need to go. The addition of children compounds the difficulties already present. You have to find ways to amuse the children in addition to doing everything else, or you’ll get nothing done.

Get some help or utilize the power of a tablet to keep the youngsters entertained during the relocation. A good idea is to have a family member, trusted friend, or nanny take the kiddos out of the home for the duration of the relocation. Take them out for a meal, to the theater, the park, and anything else you can think of. What matters is that they enjoy themselves… and give you some space to think about the transition.

Teenagers are a whole different category

An altogether different challenge, and frequently an even more critical one, is entertaining preteens and teenagers. When it comes to keeping teenagers happy (yes we know its sounds ridiculous) during a move, a sense of autonomy goes a long way. Give them responsibility for their own stuff. Maybe they can purge their own closet? You might also have them learn more about the area they are moving to. Let them do some research on their own (for older kids who have access to the internet). When you finally settle in, you might ask them to help you find things to do. You should trust their judgment and eat at the first restaurant they recommend.

Packing can be a nightmare if you have a big family

Packing one person is not very hard. It takes some time but it’s manageable. packing two people is a bit difficult but manageable still, but packing more than two can easily turn into a nightmare. Especially if you have kids and never-ending toys and clutter. That’s why decluttering should be something you (and ALL family members) should do before you start packing.

Get rid of everything you do not wish to bring to Maryland. That will make packing a bit easier. So, include all family members (we are not saying toddlers but anyone who can). Obviously in the end you can always engage professionals like Excalibur Moving and Storage who can help you with all your moving, packing, or storage needs. Sometimes getting help is the only solution.

A woman decluttering before Colorado to New Jersey relocation
Making piles can be helpful.

After your Colorado to Maryland relocation will come something quite challenging – adjusting to a new home

Relocating to a completely new area is difficult for anyone, but it can be extremely trying for families. It might be intimidating to move to a new city or area. Actively seeking out new activities is the smartest method for anyone to feel more at home in a new environment. Keeping busy and making it fun.  A new place calls for a family adventure. Plan exciting “adventures” in and around your new neighborhood. Find out more!

Keep the kids involved

You can help your kids make friends by getting them involved in activities. Throw a housewarming party for the area to get to know your new neighbors. You should try the regional cuisine at the local restaurants. Explore the neighborhood by going to the park and the museum. Get around by foot, car, or bike! Relax and enjoy life. Don’t stress too much if it takes your kids longer to settle in than it did you. Everyone is on a slightly different frequency. Making new experiences right away is one of the finest ways to settle into a new place. But before you can start exploring Maryland you need to settle in and handle all your stuff. You might even need some additional storage to put away excess items.

A toddler unpacking
They like to feel included.

Feeling blue is normal!

Before we go, we need to tell you something more about your Colorado to Maryland relocation. No matter how much you are looking forward to it, you will still feel a bit blue (or some of your family members). That is normal and just a part of the adjustment period. It will go away. All you need to do is give yourselves some time and keep in touch with dear people from Colorado. Good luck!

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