Can moving in together help a relationship?

Moving in together is a serious consideration because it can change your life drastically. First, you should both be ready to take your relationship to the next level. The best way to know if this is the case is to talk honestly. Second, moving in together is not only about spending time together. Respecting your partner’s personal time is important as well. Third, there are more than a dozen things that will require you to compromise, make plans, and evolve as a couple.

How can moving in together help a relationship?

If your relationship is going its natural flow, you will eventually wish to live together. It will greatly help your relationship by shifting balance in favor of mutual benefits. It’s not good only for the sake of the relationship, it’s beneficial for both individuals by bringing their personal goals closer together. However, before taking further steps, people should think about a couple of things that can change the dynamics of their lives.

You should not rush it

Moving in together is not something you do at all costs. In general, both of you should feel the same way. Also, you should know each other very well before doing it. If you are planning to live together after only a few months, you could end up wondering if this is the same person you started dating. Seeing each other once in a while and seeing each other every single day are two entirely different things. Not only should you know your partner, but you should know who you are in that relationship. Give yourself some time to know your partner, and to know yourself better, and only then consider moving in.

Your plans will have two engineers

It’s easy to organize your time and plan your daily activities when you don’t live together. However, after moving in, you will often have to consolidate your partner. There can be many situations for doing so:

  • the timing of your various plans (the good thing)
  • satisfying someone’s obsessive curiosity (the bad thing)
  • planning about spending time with friends
  • dealing with family members, and so on

We can pretend that everything is perfect but in reality, you will have to deal with much weird stuff when learning how to function as a couple. Especially when sharing the same apartment. However, it’s completely normal and this is how we learn to eliminate our not-so-desirable traits.

A couple talking and eating in bed.
Making serious plans in a casual environment, what else do you wish for?

You will be spending smarter after moving in together

Because there are two of you now, you will have a much easier time to deal with finances. Simply put, maybe too simple but, you will pay half the bills. You will pay for only half the rent, and other stuff, but still will be getting full services. Cable TV, the internet, and many other things. Sharing tasks is also the benefit of moving in together. Additionally, you two will now be able to afford better furniture, nicer restaurants, or simply save your money more effectively. In the end, that is the point of sharing the living space. Not only in the relationship, but with the roommates, or even when living with parents. It’s almost the same, almost.

Both of you will appreciate personal space more

You might never think about it when living as a single because all the space is your personal space. However, after moving in together, you will realize the importance of personal space. In reality, spending too much time together can cause suffocation. So, it’s completely normal to take some time for yourself. In the same way, your partner will appreciate its own privacy, as well as yours. Contrary to the common belief, this is one of the fastest compromises couples come to.

A man enjoying taking photos in weird places.
You can fully enjoy your favorite hobby.

Some of these things may look like common sense, but we are not prone to think about them before we have a chance to experience them. So, in order to make an informed decision about moving in together, we should think carefully if we are ready. The better you prepare the better you will adjust to the life of two. Even three, if both sides are having the same plans for the future.

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