Buying your first house in Florida – a simple guide for beginners

Buying your first house in Florida is not simple. Florida is a unique and special country with lots of beauties. But, you have to think about laws and weather.  It is much easier when you have a simple guide, especially if you are a beginner. If moving to Miami or any other city in Florida is your dream. Then fulfill it. So, what is important to know and to explore before buying your dream home in Florida?

Miami at night.
Choose a city in Florida and start your new life in a new house.

Guide for buying your first house in Florida

Florida is a place for anyone. Retirees, millennials, kids, businessmen, young professionals…If you have chosen that Florida is your dream country, then you should own a home there. Buying your first house in Florida is not that difficult and complicated if you have the right guide and help. When you find a perfect place for your new home, you will see that everything was worth it. All that stress, panic, excitement will be forgotten in your new chair and a cup of tea or coffee.

Think twice, are you ready to own a house?

Owning a home requires a lot more obligations than renting it. But, it is definitely worth it. If you want to become a homeowner in Florida, you must be ready. Especially if it is your first time. It is a big decision. Financially and emotionally.

House key in the hand.
Owning a house is a little bit more complicated than renting one, but it is worth it.

Get a Florida’s realtor

It is MUCH easier when you have a professional help. That’s how you do not have to worry about finances, contracts, inspections, and negotiating. Hire local professionals (realtors) who know the community in Florida. Also, you will probably need help with moving your belongings. If you did not find a reliable moving company yet, visit It is a good company who you can trust. After you find your dream home in Florida, you will need to get all your furniture inside. Be ready and get a professional help.

Find your dream property – do a research

First, of course, you should pick the city where you want to live? It depends on, your requires and wishes.

  • What your budget is? Buying your first house in Florida must be a reasonable decision. Especially because you do not have any experience in owning a house.  Calculate all your fees, taxes, utilities…
  • It is better and easier for you if you live near your office. If you already know where you will work, search for the houses in the same city where your office is.
  • If you are moving with a family and kids, do a research about schools, parks, family-friendly places that are near, and the safety of the city.

Once you have selected the location in Florida, you can look for the house by yourself, but it is easier and faster to call a real estate agent in Florida who can find you your dream property. Do a research about the prices in the neighborhood you want to live in. What can you get for the money you have? You can make a search online and see what Florida can offer to you. Educate yourself on real estate market and talk with a realtor. You can find a house before moving to Florida too.

Mortgage pre-approval or make an offer if you are paying in cash

A meeting with a mortgage lender is a big and important step in the process of buying your first house in Florida. Find out how much you can afford (and how much do you want to spend) before you start your house searching. Without pre-approval, you will probably not be the seller’s first choice for buying a house.

Start with searching after you know how much money you have for buying your first home.

Finally, when you find a perfect home, make an offer. In the states such as Florida, this can be done with a formal contract. The contract should have the specific requirements and terms for both sides. This also can be done with realtors (an oral offer before the written one). But, writing offer is more serious.

The contract for buying a house

We mentioned before that you should have a contract when you are buying a house. But, do not write it by yourself (if you are not a realtor). It should be drawn up by your realtor and signed by you, of course. In Florida, there are 2 types of contracts.

  1. Standard contract – This type provides that the problems in the house that can be found during the inspection, are not your fee. The seller of the house is obligated to fix them. But, on the other hand, an allowance is up to 1.5% of the house price.
  2. This second type of contract (as-is) is more often in Florida. The house owner (seller) is not obligated to repair issues in the house. But, on the other hand, you will have more flexibility to pull out if you decide the house is not for you, in the end. This is the contract which allows you to receive a full refund of the deposit you have already paid.
Signing and reading a contract for buying your first house in Florida.
Read a contract twice with a realtor.

Get a house insurance

If you want to own a house, then be a responsible person and get a house insurance. No homeowner should be without insurance, especially in the places with a lot of hurricanes. Protect your house and you from any catastrophe. It will not take you a lot of time and money, but it will give you safety and good sleep. Buying your first house in Florida can be easy if you stick to the plan and have a right guide. 

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