Buying your first apartment in Dubai

Buying an apartment can be a confusing, overwhelming process. It involves a lot of planning, calculations, paperwork and – spending a lot of money. That’s why buying a home in another country seems like an even more complicated process. Luckily, we collected a couple of useful tips on buying your first apartment in Dubai, so you can be prepared for this great step.

Can a foreigner buy a property in Dubai?

Yes, buying your first apartment in Dubai is possible, even if you are a foreigner. It’s possible to invest in Dubai Real estate since 2002 when foreigners were allowed to sell, buy and rent properties same as locals.

buying your first apartment in Dubai
buying your first apartment in Dubai is possible, even if you re a foreigner. However, you need to have certain permissions.

Before buying your first apartment in Dubai – apply for a mortgage

If cash isn’t a possible payment option for you,  you can apply for the mortgage. Be sure to have everything ready for the mortgage approval. This includes salary letter, passport copy, Emirates ID, bank and credit card statement and address proof. The process can take up to seven days, or a bit longer, depending on the way you get paid. If you have just moved to Dubai and need to look for a job first, you shouldn’t worry. It’s fairly easy to get a job here. For example, if you work in the sports/fitness field, you can work with Dubai Personal Trainers. It’s easy to set up a profile, get clients via social networks and start making money soon.

Consider the additional costs

Buying a property means you’ll have to pay more than the settled price. Be sure to include all the additional costs and save money in advance. Don’t let yourself forget to include these costs in your budget, and experience unpleasant surprise later on. These ‘hidden’ costs include deposit, transfer fees, mortgage application fees, commission, etc. 

Choose the right neighborhood, according to your budget

When browsing for your favorite apartment, you should know that the prices of properties mostly depend on the location. Dubai offers several neighborhoods, which include different price range properties. For example,  a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina costs around AED 2,450,000 ($667,049), whereas the same size property in Garhoud costs around AED 1,580,000 ($430,178). Therefore, be sure to investigate the property prices and be realistic about your budget.  However, think about your needs, too. Consider your lifestyle,  commute time, favorite restaurants, etc. Choose a place that suits your needs. If you want to be close to the beach, be sure to include that in your must-have list. If you like to be fit all year long, be sure to choose a place close to the gym. This way, you won’t have any problems when choosing the right personal trainer and managing the exercise time.

buying your first apartment in Dubai
When buying your first apartment in Dubai, think about several factors like location, lifestyle, job, etc.

Think about the parking

You maybe didn’t need a parking spot in your previous home, but if you are buying your first apartment in Dubai, pay close attention if a property has a parking spot (preferably inside). The reason for this is very high temperatures, which make cars that you leave in the sun very difficult to drive (almost impossible) and quicken the deterioration process.

Find a real estate agent

The apartment purchase process is much easier with a real estate agent. Be sure to find someone reliable who can help you find what you want, and guide you through the purchase process.


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