Buy a home in Littleton- Perfect place in Colorado

Colorado, the beauty of nature is the first thing that comes to one’s mind hearing that word. We already said why you should buy a home in Colorado in one of our previous articles. It is pretty much obvious when you read it if you haven’t already known that.  The main goal while preparing for the next group of articles was when you have already decided to move to Colorado and buy a home there, where is the ideal place to settle down with your family and purchase a house in Colorado. We’ll start with the reasons to buy a home in Littleton.

We did quite a big research, not only consulting different media for the information about cities but also doing the survey among inhabitants of different cities of Colorado with the questions regarding what place they consider to be a perfect place to invest in a house in Colorado. We put the results gained and formed a list which we are going to present to you, together with the reasons why each city earns to be on it. So, sit back in your chair, pour some wine or beer, and have a look where you should acquire your new home in Colorado! The first thing to talk about, as we said, is why you should buy a home in Littleton.

Buy a home in Littleton, Colorado- just a place you could imagine for your new residence

When it comes to deciding where is the best place to purchase a home for your family, this city in Colorado has everything one family needs!

  • Nature- Parks of Littleton, Colorado, are just amazing environment for your new home

The first thing about Littleton will probably be interesting to parents of young children. It is that there are over 5.6 million m2 of parks and open spaces in this city! It is an ideal place for buying a home in Colorado for different kinds of outside activities. Such as hiking, biking, rock climbing… Also, there is South Platte River here. Here you can go fishing, kayaking etc. In one sentence, you can enjoy in most various things in nature. Besides that, what makes it even more attractive for those considering investing in houses in Colorado is that Denver is only some 30km away. So you don’t need to travel a lot even if your job or school is there.

  • Education- Schools of Littleton are among the best in Colorado, important thing for Littleton home buyers

Discussing the education, Littleton is a great place to buy a home for your family!
If we talk about schools- buying a home in Littleton, Colorado is a good idea!

When talking about families, schools of Littleton are rated 8 out of 10 for the quality of education from! It means that if you pick Littleton to get a house there in Colorado, besides healthy life you can offer your children here, you can also offer them a chance to get the top knowledge. This is one of the most important things for the parents when it comes to their children.  Another important institution for education, if you buy a home in Littleton, is Bemis Public Library. It offers different kinds of programs, educational services, and activities for acquiring knowledge. Therefore luring you to relocate to Littleton and make it your home in Colorado.

  • Littleton Museum- Kids enjoy visiting farms from 19th century

For those who love to relive the past, mentioning that there is Littleton museum. Having a look at farms as they looked like in the 19th century must be a big plus for choosing this city to buy a house here. It is over 40 years old. Renovated and expanded in 2004. The budget of more than 1.3 million$ that guarantees good programs. Aforementioned must be something that would make parents interested in migrating to Littleton for purchasing a home for their family. All children just love this museum. You can check the comments of families about the experiences here and see it yourself.

  • Safety- Littleton is among top 25% of cities in the USA for the safety

If safety is what you care the most about- pick Littleton for purchasing a home
If a top criterion for you when buying a house is safety- There are no obstacles to buying a home in Littleton, Colorado

Families need the safety. If you, as a parent, buy a home in Littleton, you’re moving to one of the safest cities in the USA. It is among top 25% of those with lowest crimes per 1000 citizens a year. When we’re talking about violent crimes. And it is probably the most important for the parents considering a place to invest in the house in Colorado. Talking about property crimes, the situation is slightly worse, but still at the average for the USA.


  • Sports-If you buy a home in Littleton, you will be able to play and watch your favorite sports!

Buy a home in Littleton if you're a golf fan!
Sports fans would love having bought a house in Littleton

For sports lovers, it is crucial to mention that there are golf and tennis courts here. There are also courts for other most popular sports in the USA. Furthermore, there are swimming pools, in case you are not that interested in previously mentioned sports. So, whatever sport you might like, you may enjoy it In Littleton or near it. And if you are a sports fan, Denver is only 30km away and you may enjoy in watching all major sports in the USA. It would be just half an hour away from your home, in case you decide to purchase one in Littleton.

If you would prefer to see it than to read about it when it comes to such a big investment like choosing where to buy a house in Colorado, have a look at the video below:

To summarize, why you should buy a home in Littleton?

After we presented to you why you should pick Littleton to be a place where you will buy your new home, we should say something about the home prices here. The median home price in Littleton is near 370.000$. But it is more important to mention that almost half of the housing prices are between 150.000 and 300.000 dollars. It’s maybe more interesting for you, having the information that you may find more than half of homes below the average price. The average may give the unrealistic information. On average homes are 34 years old, but again, we must fulfill this information telling that almost 30% of homes is younger than 27 years. If you need further and more detailed information about the housing in Littleton, here is the link.

In the end, let us have a look at why Littleton is a perfect place to buy a home:

  • Nature- Important information for families to pick Littleton for buying a house is 5.6 million m2 of parks and open spaces here, together with South Platte River
  • Education- Schools of Littleton are among the best in Colorado,  which is the top reason to settle here and buy a house for families with young children
  • Littleton Museum- Never ending fun for children, but also for their parents eager to relive the life from 19th century
  • Safety- If you consider safety the most important, Littleton is among top 25% of safest cities in the USA
  • Sports-Buy a house in Littleton, and you will have a chance to play your favorite sports, and also watch major sports live in Denver, just 30km away!

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