The best places to live in Bergen County, NJ

Everyone knows that Bergen is one of the best counties in New Jersey. So, which places are for you if you want to live in Bergen County? Bergen County has a population just shy of one million. It has many counties, and people generally don’t know where should they move. Join us if you want to see our picks for best places to live in Bergen County.


Ridgewood is a great town for young adults. It is a great place for children also. It’s a very tight knot community where everyone helps each other. Town center has a good amount of shops and top rated restaurants in the county and because of that Ridgewood has a great vibe. It is good for children since it is a safe town, and everything is in a walking distance. It has a population of 25 thousand people.


Allendale is also a very safe community. It is also very family oriented, and it has almost no crime at all. It’s a green town with lots of open spaces. Population is fairly low: around six thousand people live there. It is one of the best places to live in Bergen County.


Transportation in Oakland is easy. You’ll have no problem commuting between Oakland and other parts of New Jersey. It also offers many benefits to its residents. The town is burgeoning, as evidenced by the Great Oak Park. It has friendly walking traffic. Oakland has the moving assistance you are looking for, so if you want to move in Oakland or out of there, there is a good moving company for you. And it has a population of around 13 thousand.


Haworth is a gorgeous but underrated community. Public schools are excellent with small sizes and committed teachers who can give your children the best education possible. It’s one of the best places to live in Bergen County. The place has a lot of character, beautiful and unique homes, and a great walking trail. It has an amazing library for you and for your children. It has almost everything you need. Population of Haworth is around 35 hundred.

River Edge

children siblings
River Edge is a great town for children

It is a great family town. Education is solid with a lot to offer. It has a small town feel but with a proximity to New York. It is also a wonderful town to raise children in. But moving with children can be stressful. So, safety is outstanding and there is almost no crime at all. Population is around 12 thousand.


It shares many properties with other mentioned towns in Bergen County. Crime rates are also low, and school system is great. It’s also a great town to raise a family in. Company offers great services if you want to move there or anywhere in New Jersey. Demarest has a population of five thousand.

Fort Lee

Fort Lee has many great restaurants

You can walk everywhere in Fort Lee. Try walking to some of the restaurants or parks Fort Lee has to offer. It’s also a very safe town with a great educational system. Like many other places in Bergen County, it is made for families. Population is around 37 thousand.

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