Best Places in Colorado to Buy a Home

Due to its economic growth Colorado is becoming a premium spot for buying a house. If you’ve decided on this fine state as the place for your next home, you’ve made the right choice. If you are a first-time real estate buyer, you’ll want to check out our guide on how to buy a perfect home. In this guide we will share the best places in Colorado to buy a home.

one of the best places in Colorado to buy a home
Beautyful countryside – a usual sight in teh state of Colorado

Now, we all have our different ideas of what our home should look like. But, there are some essentials that a good home still must follow:

  • Utilities – must have all the necessary utilities like running water, electricity, internet. If you are not planning a romantic getaway with only candles and a fireplace to provide light and heat, this is essential.
  • Accessibility – your house should be accessible by road. I get it, we are all sometimes tired of civilization and it’s requirements. We all sometimes want to go away, somewhere where no one can reach us. But this is not smart. What if, God Forbid, you need the ambulance or the firefighters to reach you as soon as possible? That would  hard without proper roads leading to your property.
  • Appropriate for you – suitable in every way! Matching your budget, family size and habits. Ask yourself the important questions! Like, what will happen to all the empty rooms when my kids move out one day? Or is there enough space for your 160lb dog? Also, consider getting a slightly bigger house if you feel your family will grow. Or a smaller on if you live alone or are a single parent.
  • Something besides a place to live – while we all want to get the cheapest price possible when buying a house, you still don’t want to live a town without a movie theatre, do you? Consider towns which provide some activities or opportunities for you and your family.

Considering these, we made a short list of places we consider the best for buying a house in Colorado.

Best places in Colorado to Buy a Home: Affordable Locations

As we mentioned before, Colorado is growing by the day. But there are still a lot of affordable options available.

Fort Collins

Because of the strength of its business community, as well as its clean lifestyle and a lot of green surfaces Fort Collins can boast being one of the 100 Best Places to Live. Also, Fort Collins is one of the most affordable cities in Colorado. Don’t forget the colorful Colorado State University which is also located here. Furthermore, there are abundant outdoor activities you can do in Nothern Colorado. With all of these things going its way, Fort Collins is definitely one of the best places in Colorado to buy a home.


Located a short driving distance from Denver, this small town is famous for it’s breweries. If you are a beer enthusiast this is the place for you. As well as Fort Collins, the City of Longmont has excellent oportunities for employment adn is very affordable.


Thornton is a growing city with a constant demand for more housing space. So, the chances are it won’t stay cheap for long. Furthermore, it has a high average household income and a low average home price. This makes it one of the best places in Colorado to buy a home, as well as get a job.


Also know as the “Sweetheart City”, Loveland is a paradise for all outdoor enthusiasts. It provides numerous outdoor activities and boasts 300 sunny days a year to enjoy. Since over 90% of the homes in this city were built before the 1990s, the average cost of property is much lower than the national average.


Located only a short drive from Denver, the state’s capital. A family-oriented city with a population of over 108,000, Westminster provides a lot of shopping and dining options. Abundant with rivers and lakes this city will provide you with enough of activities to keep you occupied.

Westminster is surrounded by lakes and river
If your family likes water, Westminster is a place for you!

If you are of a mind to sequester yourself from civilization, we have some excellent, distant and sparsely populated areas. These are all excellent and affordable counties, even if a little outlying ones:

  • Conejos County
  • Bent County
  • Cheyenne County
  • Yuma County

Best places in Colorado to Buy a Home: Expensive Locations

Best places in Colorado to buy a home can be pricy as well
For those with a bigger budget moving to Colorado is also an excellent idea


Yes, it is a city called Boulder, not an actual rock. Despite its off-putting and bleak name, Boulder is one of the best and most expensive cities in Colorado. In the past couple of years, this city has been proclaimed one of the healtiest cities in the states. Many magazines recognize Boulder as a place to live well, develop your business and retire. Even ranked Boulder No. 1 on their list of America’s top 25 Cities to Live Well.


Being next to the Rocky Mountain range, the Elk Mountain and the Roaring Folk River, this city has seen some turbulent economic history. If you were buying a house here in the 1890s you could’ve bought it for almost nothing. However, ever since the ski resort was built, property value in Aspen started to soar. Some houses a bit farther in the mountains can be up to several million dollars.

Aspen's proximity to natural beuty is what makes it so expensive
The beuty of Rocky Mountains makes Aspen a desirable location

Best places in Colorado to buy a home: Locations close to Denver

If you want to move to Colorado but aren’t a big outdoor fan, or you just want to be closer to a big city, don’t worry. Denver is a place for you. Being the capital of Colorado, Denver provides you with a wide price-range of property, as well as with diversity. You can find homes that fit your budget both downtown and in the suburbs. Also, Denver will provide you with good transportation if you feel like leaving Colorado. You can catch a plane, a bus or a train to almost anywhere from Denver.

Some locations you might find useful are:

  • Athmar park –  a bit more affordable.
  • South Park Hill – good nightlife and excellent for families.
  • North Park Hill – good and safe. Good schools make this excvellent for families.
  • Stapleton – high median home value.
  • Platt Park – nice neighbours make this a very pleasant neighbourhood to live in.
  • West Highland – a bit on the expensive side.

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