Best places for seniors in the Centennial State

You have reached retirement and saved up enough money to comfortably do so! First of all, congratulations!  You are, however, now faced with a dilemma: What are the best places for seniors in the Centennial State? Perhaps a city away from the bustle of crowds and ample in nature’s wonders? Or the city with the cheapest cost of living? What about housing costs? Of course, while cities like Denver, as the capital city of the state, are famous for their scenery and what they have to offer, it is undeniable that the ever-rising number of residents and the quickly spreading cities might be a bit too bustling for your tastes.

Therefore, we offer two alternatives, each offering its own unique charms: Aurora and Broomfield! So, quickly pack up your things, and let’s discuss your options through the important questions you should be asking yourself when looking for a new city to live in!

Does the cost of housing make these the best places for seniors in Colorado?               

Of course, one of the first concerns anyone looking to retire has is the cost of housing. Well, good news! As it turns out, Aurora housing is actually much more affordable than Denver, costing movers, at an average, 30% less and boasting a median home cost of $327,300 versus the $426,200 cost of Denver! Broomfield, unfortunately, cannot make the same claim. In spite of its other advantages over Denver, it is still around 2% more expensive, sitting at a median home cost of $434,800.

After all, you might be looking to downsize, be it out of budget concerns or other practical reasons such as cleaning and simply not requiring as much space as you once did. Admittedly, the comparison paints Broomfield as a definite loser when it comes to housing prices, but we should keep in mind that these are only the median values! Therefore, in addition to renting being an option, it is still very much possible to find affordable houses of a smaller scale or in more affordable neighborhoods available for purchase! So, if Broomfield ends up catching your eye, there is no reason to give up!

Does the cost of living recommend these cities as the best places for seniors?

Another important concern when moving is the cost of living! Once again, Aurora is the clear winner, boasting a near 10% less cost in taxes and almost 3% smaller cost of food and groceries. Unfortunately, it is very much tied with Denver for other costs, such as utilities, transportation, and medical fees, whereas Broomfield comes off worse by comparison. It is, on average, 9% more expensive when it comes to clothing and other miscellaneous items, and almost 3% more expensive when it comes to taxes. Living costs are not everything when it comes to looking for a place to settle down. But, if you are concerned about finances, you might be already tempted to hire a reliable moving company and set your course to Aurora (and this entire area has great service!).

Is the Healthcare of these cities what makes them the best places for seniors?

No one likes to think about needing a doctor. However, having reliable, quality healthcare available at every moment is crucial to living a long and stable life! You will, therefore, be pleased that both Aurora and Broomfield rate very highly when it comes to healthcare nationwide! After all, Colorado is regularly cited as one of the top five states in U.S. for their healthcare. These two cities definitely contribute to this positive ranking.

Aurora boasts such facilities as the University of Colorado Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. All of these are top-rated medical facilities in the state. Broomfield, too, boasts of UCHealth Broomfield Hospital, Avista Adventist Hospital, and Children’s Hospital Colorado North Campus. Their quality will not lose out when comparing to what is available to the residents of Aurora! Besides, the fact that might tip your decision in favor of hiring a moving company bound to Broomfield to find assistance when settling in, is the fact that healthcare costs are, in fact, about 2% cheaper in Broomfield!

A doctor at a hospital.
Good Healthcare is crucial when choosing the best city to retire in!

Would you get to enjoy outdoor activities if you chose to retire in one of these cities?

Both Broomfield and Aurora are cities well known for their beautiful landscapes and easy access to nature! The stunning mountainous terrain; the unspoiled national park; the many lakes… They are all irresistible to any nature lover. People also rarely point out that even the suburban areas offer some truly stunning walking routes. There is also plenty of beautiful sites of slightly more tamed nature and inner-city attractions to appreciate, as well! Aurora city’s Aurora Town Park, Fairy Lake Park, and Canadian Moments Mural. The Paul Derda Recreation Centre, Bay Aquatic Park, and many, many skate parks of Broomfield. All of these offer a wide array of activities to engage in.

If this wasn’t enough, both cities have a large number of golf fields for the appreciators of this sport. Once you’ve done everything you need to follow a move, faced with the beauty of these cities, you would be hard-pressed to remain indoors and rest!

Colorado rockies landscape as one of the best places for seniors.
The beauty of nature will make your every day enjoyable!

What else recommends Aurora and Broomfield as the best cities to retire in?

If these reasons aren’t enough, then here’s a few final factors to take into account:

Delicious Indian food.
Local cuisine is an important aspect to consider when choosing the best city to retire in! Everyone likes delicious food.
  • Food: Both Aurora and Broomfield are relatively smaller cities. They offer a reprieve from the chain restaurants and fast-food joints through the local restaurants where food culture flourishes! Both cities are known for the diversity of food available, from American classics to the cuisine of every imaginable culture! If you want to taste new and exciting dishes, it is imperative you visit these cities at least once.
  • Arts and culture: If you think that just because Aurora and Broomfield are smaller than cities like Denver they lack in opportunities to enjoy arts and cultural events, you would be wrong! We must mention the amazing Vintage Theater, Aurora Fox Arts Center and Plains Conservation Center of Aurora. We also can’t forget Broomfield’s Butterfly Pavilion, Veterans Memorial Museum, and The Broomfield Auditorium and Gallery. One thing is for sure: these cities won’t be found wanting.
  • Family friendly: Both Broomfield and Aurora are full of fun family activities for grandparents to engage in with their grandkids! In addition to this, both of these cities have extremely low crime rates and are viewed as quiet, peaceful communities.

Whether we are judging by the prices, available amenities, or family concerns, Aurora and Broomfield are the best places for seniors! However, at the end of the day, the choice of where you would like to retire comes down to your own preferences, but we hope that we have at least helped the process along by introducing these cities to you!

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