Best neighborhoods in NYC for renting a small apartment

New York is one of the most popular moving destinations for people all over the world. A lot of people come here for job opportunities or they simply want to get a taste of the NYC lifestyle that is truly unique. And New York is a great place to live in but not every part of it. There are neighborhoods that you might want to avoid when moving to New York City for the first time. But that is not what we are here to talk about. We are here to tell you about the best neighborhoods in NYC for renting a small apartment as most NYC apartments are very small. So, if that is exactly what you wanted to know more about, you came to the right place because we have all the information that you need.

Fieldston, Bronx

The Bronx is a great part of New York City and Fieldston is one of the best neighborhoods for renting a small apartment. It is located in the Riverdale section of the northwestern part of the Bronx and it is a privately-owned affluent neighborhood. This neighborhood is very safe and quiet. It makes it a perfect place for young couples with small children.  Another thing that you should know if you have children is that in this neighborhood,  you have easy access to three well-regarded private schools. Those three schools are Horace Mann, Ethical Culture Fieldston School and Riverdale Country Day.

A view of the Bronx.
One of the best places to live in NYC is exactly this neighborhood in The Bronx.

Fieldston is located along the Hudson River. This means that midday strolls are going to be extremely pleasant for you. If you have any pets, this is the perfect neighborhood for you. This was once one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in NYC. Rent for a studio apartment in this neighborhood will cost you around $1,500. It might be helpful to read some tips for moving into a smaller apartment.

This neighborhood is great as access to public buses is very easy if you don’t have a car. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of shops, parks, and restaurants when living here as there is everything you need. The parks in Fieldstone are very clean and a lot of people love spending time here. A fun fact about Fieldstone is that it is home to NYC’s third largest park and the country’s first public golf course and it goes by the name Van Cortlandt ParkDivine Moving and Storage NYC can help you relocate anywhere in NYC.

Kew Gardens, Queens

Queens is a very densely populated part of New York for plenty of reasons. None of them are bad because Queens is an amazing place to live in. And Kew Gardens is one of the best neighborhoods in Queens. Astoria is a fun place to settle down in but Kew Gardens is better. It is located in the central area of Queens. This location is perfect as you have everything you need around you. Here’s where you’ll find one-family homes, apartment complexes, co-ops, and condos.  Renting a small apartment in Kew Gardens will cost you around $1,500. A two-bedroom apartment is more expensive at around $2,300. This isn’t such a big price to pay considering where you will be living.

What is great about Kew Gardens is that there is a lot of greenery everywhere. In fact, Kew Gardens was one of seven planned garden communities in New York City. It was built from the late 19th century to the 1950s. Knowing a little bit about the history of your neighborhood is never a bad idea.

When it comes to public transport, people who live here use the E and F trains. You can also use several bus routes as well as several express options to Manhattan. Working in Manhattan and living in Kew Gardens is how plenty of people live. What makes this neighborhood even better is that just outside of it is where you can find a shopping mall where you can find most big stores and popular brands.

A shopping mall.
Having a shopping mall nearby is very helpful.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Brooklyn. Brooklyn is also a very amazing part of New York and Bay Ridge is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It has an amazing location – it has Sunset Park to its north and the Verrazano Bridge to its south. This means that it is very close to the highway. A lot of families live here because the public schools here are amazing. The lower prices are also what attracts a lot of people. Even though this is a historic neighborhood, you will pay less than $1,500 for a studio apartment. Read about some real estate trends in Brooklyn.

The public transport in Bay Ridge is also great. You’ll have access to the R train all the time. Some stops were even renovated. But the best part about this neighborhood is that it is the best place for those who love shopping. 5th Avenue is located close so you can only imagine how great it is to live here. What makes it even better is that here is where you can find a plethora of inexpensive restaurants and bars.

A view of Manhattan.
This is a neighborhood with an amazing view.

Shore Park and Parkway are the two best parks in the neighborhood. This is where you will be able to have an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline even when renting a small apartment. A lot of elderly residents live here which means that this neighborhood is very safe. The crime rates here are very low. This is why a lot of families with children are renting a small apartment here. And if you want to move to Manhattan, Chelsea crews will help you move in.

Other great neighborhoods to consider

Here are some more neighborhoods to do more research on and consider moving to:

  • Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  • Washington Heights, Manhattan
  • Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  • Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
  • Sunnyside, Queens
  • Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx.

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