Best Denver neighborhoods for your new home

Whatever reason you have to move to Colorado, you’ve made a great choice.
Denver is currently the fastest-growing city in the U.S. and has seen massive development.
It has turned into the real multicultural, urban city that has something for everybody.
There are 78 Denver neighborhoods, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Great progress of the city has brought some downsides, like rising real estate and rental prices.
Luckily, the list of the great Denver neighborhoods is big, so you will surely find the one that is affordable and has the necessities that you are looking for.

Things to do before you choose one of the Denver neighborhoods

When deciding where your new home should be, there are some steps that you can follow to make your decision easier. There is a lot to do when you are moving to Denver, and choosing the best neighborhood is the biggest desition.

  • Define in what kinda place you want to live in – Do you love to be in the center of the happenings, or you want a quiet neighborhood? Would you like to have a home close to your business or you don’t mind driving? Do you want more family atmosphere of a neighborhood or a distance with great nightlife? House or the apartment? These are all questions that you should ask yourself before you move to Colorado.
  • Make a list – Write down what are the necessities that you require from your new neighborhood (good schools, fancy restaurants, dog parks etc.). Then write down the things that you would like your new home to have. The first list should be the things that you really need, and the second list things that you would like, but can live without.
  • Establish your budget – See exactly how much money you have to spend and set the fixed budget. Money is one of the important things when you are deciding where will you live.
  • Hire realtor – All the money in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the experienced professional to help you in your neighborhood and home hunting. Hiring a professional Colorado realtor for choosing your new home in Colorado will make the whole process less stressful and tiring. When you tell the realtor your requirements, he will exactly know what neighborhood will suit you and your budget.

See what the city has to offer

As a fast-growing city, Denver has a lot of attractions. There is really something for everybody. Big shopping malls, fancy and casual restaurants, noisy bars, dance clubs, theaters, museums. It has all that most of the cities have, but most cities don’t have what Denver has – an astonishing nature that surrounds it.

Rocky Mountain National Park is just within your reach

Only hour and a half drive away from the Denver, you will find one of the most popular natural parks in the US. Nobody can visit Colorado, and miss to see this magnificent wonder of nature.
The untouched wilderness with beautiful lakes is a hiker’s paradise, and wildlife sightseeing from vehicles is an adventure that every Denver newcomer has to check out. In the winter, at the Rocky Mountain National Park, you can have the unforgettable snowshoeing or skiing, surrounded with the most fantastic view.

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best Colorado attractions.
Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular natural parks in the US.

The city itself has a lot of interesting content

You can see the Denver sights from a carriage or ride a Tuk-Tuk, spend the day in the amazing Denver Zoo or Aquarium, cool down at Water World during the hot summer days, stroll through the Denver Botanic Gardens. There is everything that your heart desire, and that’s what makes Denver so great.
Endless possibilities and activities can make you move to Denver much easier. It will surely help you to choose the best of the Denver neighborhoods where you can start your new life.

Best Denver neighborhoods for newcomers

Once you make the criteriums that your new neighborhood has to fulfill, you can start exploring the parts of town where you want to move.
These are some of the best Denver neighborhoods:

Washington Park

If you are a true nature enthusiast, look no further. With a 165-acre sprawl of trees, grass, lakes and running paths, this is a real oasis of greenery. All that, surrounded by the great view of the mountains. Peaceful and astonishingly beautiful, you will have an impression that you are living in the garden of Eden.
That’s why this is one of the most desirable Denver neighborhoods.
It is also known as one of the city’s most family-friendly neighborhoods with the best elementary schools.
If you are moving to Colorado with your family, this will be the perfect place for your relocation.

Washington Park is one of the most desirable Denver neighborhoods.
Washington Park is paradise for nature lovers.

Lover Downtown (LoDo)

If your new work in Denver is located in downtown than consider this neighborhood. Downtown Denver is divided into two regions. One is full of skyscrapers and office workers, and other named LoDo is filled with older, smaller buildings that have been converted into lofts and new condo towers.
This upcoming neighborhood provides a full experience of urban living with a density of restaurants, bars, and shops. Here lives young and middle-aged professionals with plenty of cash, wealthy retirees, and well suited young couples.
You won’t find families with kids here, so this neighborhood is perfect to carrier oriented singles.

One of the best Denver neighborhoods for career-oriented people.
The downtown of Denver –  great urban living experience.


If you prefer old buildings with character than skyscrapers, this neighborhood has the charm that you are looking for.
This is one of the oldest Denver neighborhoods, with Queen Anne and Victorian houses that are very well preserved. Here you can have a taste of the good all times.

Uptown is one of the greatest Denver neighborhoods for artist and hipsters.
Uptown is Mecca for artist and hipsters.

This historic gem is maybe old part of the city, but it has caught up with time.
Uptown’s main street it’s lined with restaurants, bars, coffee shops and boutiques. It’s also one of the safest Denver neighborhoods with the lowest crime rate. At the Uptown, your neighbors will be artists, hipsters, and urban-embracing families.
Uptown is ideal if you have a dog since its spacious “City Park” rivals Washington Park for the city’s best green space. “City Park” is the home of the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


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