Best cities to retire in Southern California

Retiring after years and years of working is the best feeling. You finally get to enjoy all the time of the day. You don’t have to worry about work and the things you have to get done for work. There is no more going to and back home from work every day. No more being stuck in traffic after a long day. When you retire, you get to relax and do whatever you want with your time. But living in a big city after retiring isn’t very relaxing most of the time. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, enjoying retirement isn’t possible when you are always surrounded by the things that you were surrounded by when you were working. This is why a lot of people decide to move to a different city or even state after retirement. And even though California is a very expensive state and retirees are known for not having a lot of money, California is still a very popular “retirement destination”. What we mean by this is that a lot of people move to California after they retire, more specifically Southern California. And there are plenty of reasons why this is so. And if you want to retire in Southern California yourself, we have suggestions on which cities you should consider moving to in this part of the state.

Loma Linda

A city with an interesting name but surely a city you will adore if you decide to retire here. Loma Linda is an amazing city in Southern California. One of the reasons why we decided to mention Loma Linda first is the fact that it has very affordable housing when compared to the rest of the state. Cali is known for being very expensive, especially when we are talking about real estate. But Loma Linda isn’t like most cities in California and it is why there are plenty of retirees already living here. This is a small town and there are plenty of reasons for you to move to a small town.

A house.
Houses in Loma Linda are amazing and not expensive at all.

Just $333,000 is enough to get you a more than a decent family home. This isn’t a small amount of money, but again, compared to the rest of the state, this is very affordable. Cheap housing isn’t the only thing that makes Loma Linda one of the best cities to retire in Southern California. It is also the fact that this is a very safe city to live in. It has very low crime rates and it has been like so for years. People in Loma Linda also have a sense of community and are very welcoming towards newcomers.

Loma Linda also has all the amenities one might need as well as services. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of places where you can spend your free time outdoors. And this is something that is very important for elderly people as well as young children. Moving to Loma Linda is possible with


The second city on our list of the best cities to retire in Southern California is Placentia. A small city but a very diverse city. There are people from all over the country living here. People of different ethnicities live here too. Placentia is very safe too. There is hardly any crime here. Not even stealing cars or breaking into homes or shops. Living here means never worrying about your safety. And who wouldn’t want to live in such a place? The city’s motto is “A Pleasant Place to Live”. And it truly is. It is a very friendly place with a lot of smiling faces. There are plenty of places for you to spend your free time. You will find a couple of amazing restaurants, there are also coffee shops. You will also find plenty of local shops here too.

LA by night.
Placentia is more expensive because it is located near Los Angeles.

But have in mind that Placentia isn’t an affordable city to live in at all. As it is located close to Los Angeles, real estate costs a lot here. The median home price in Placentia is around $735,000. This is a large amount of money to pay especially when you are retired. But the quality of life is great and the city itself is very beautiful.

Seal Beach

If you are still searching for a more affordable city in California to live in, Seal Beach is another one on our list. The housing costs almost the same as housing in Loma Linda. This means that housing is very affordable when you compare it to the rest of the state. This city has a very strong economy which is very interesting considering how low the housing prices are. A fun fact about Seal Beach is that it has the second-longest pier in the state. This means that there are plenty of places for you to spend your time outside if you decide to move here. And we think you should. This is a quiet city with a lot of amazing things to see. If you are buying your first house in California, this is the perfect city for it.

Seal Beach.
Seal Beach is an amazing coastal city.


Southern California has more affordable cities than you thought it had. Murrieta is another one of them, the third affordable city on our list. Have in mind that when we say affordable we mean California affordable. Housing in Murrieta will cost you less than $400,000 which is definitely a bargain in California. This is yet another very safe city where mostly retirees and people with children live. This makes it even more amazing. And it isn’t a small city at all. It has around 100,000 residents. And if you don’t feel like California is the state for you, there are plenty of affordable cities in Texas too. It is also a warm state.

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