Best cities to live in Colorado State

Colorado, a state unlike any other. It offers you fresh air, scenic vistas, historical sites. Also, countless waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and a healthy business climate. When you face it, there are plenty of reasons to choose the best cities to live in Colorado. Not just for young professionals, but also it’s a great place for raising a family.

Best cities to live in Colorado:

  • Aurora
  • Boulder
  • Castle Rock
  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Lakewood
  • Loveland
  • Pueblo


Thinking about moving to Colorado?  Aurora can be a great option if you want to avoid all the traffic and crowds of a big city. Panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains are not the only thing that attracts people to this city. Aurora is the third most populated city and one of the best cities to live in Colorado. The town can offer you beautiful weather and high-quality life. Also a good health care system and excellent schools. Many different museums and there’s lots of daily activities and a thriving nightlife. Also, 6,000 acres of public greenery boasts Aurora as one of the cleanest “fresh air” indexes in the state.

View on the Rocky Mountains
View on the Rocky Mountains, Colorado


The crown ornament of this city might be the University of Colorado at Boulder. But, there’s plenty more what living here offers. The city is settling in the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Citizens here are enjoying climbing, hiking, biking. Also, there are 60 parks with great community activities for young and old residents. Like dance, golf, gymnastics, tennis, and yoga.

Thanks to its dry climate, Boulder is sunny more than 300 days of the year. Plus, air and water are clean. That’s why are people consider him one of the best cities to live in Colorado. As a college town, Boulder has a young community. That is a crowd with young people between 18 and 24. Also, there are bars, restaurants, shops, and coffee roasters. And if you’re looking for culture, Boulder has acclaimed orchestras, music festivals, museums. It hosts the Boulder International Film. Boulder is a great place to live. The cost of living there is also actually lower than the national average.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock seems to be a combination of breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Convenient location, dry and mild climate, 300 days of sunshine a year with a low crime rate. Small town atmosphere attracts people to live here.

Castle Rock residents enjoy the quality life. They have spectacular views of the front range and the unique vistas of the buttes. They have quick and easy access to the best recreational opportunities. Their children excel in top quality schools, play in safe neighborhood parks. They enjoy the friendliness of small-town charm. Businesses are forming by a labor force. By the proximity to the State’s two major housing markets, Denver & Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the second largest and one of the best cities to live in Colorado. It is not an economic or cultural center but has much to offer. Around are the Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods, and Seven Falls. So the town is not only a panoramic city but also motivate an active outdoor lifestyle for residents. Colorado Springs is also home of two of America’s major institutions. That’s the United States Olympic Committee and the U.S. Air Force Academy. A small charm town with dry, mild climate. Colorado Springs have affordable living and low unemployment. They have a good school and health care system. Those are some of the reasons why you should choose Colorado Springs to be your home.


Denver is the capital of Colorado, and one of the top 10 fastest expanding cities in the country. Thus, he is full of opportunities. Many of the biggest global companies have their bases here. That means good job possibilities and high-level competition as well. And it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced professional or beginner. The job market is quite big, and there is a position for everyone. As the city experienced a population boom, the cost of living has risen. The average home sale price in Denver is now higher than the national average.

Denver, one of the best cities to live in Colorado
Skyline Denver, Colorado


But, it has a lot to give, more than 300 sunny days during the year. And if you are a ski enthusiast, less than 100 miles away you will be able to enjoy. It is also a center for arts and culture in Colorado. Denver has seven arts districts, and each holds its own First Friday art walk. Plus, the stunning, completely outdoor Red Rocks Amphitheater is 15-miles west. And also its hosts some of the area’s best concerts. Check out reasons why you should move to Denver.

Fort Collins

Located by the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the right on Cache La Poudre River. Fort Collins has plenty to offer. The city features more than 25 significant buildings. Plus downtown Fort Collins was inspired by Disneylands Main Street. It’s a young city and millennials are drawn for the scenic beauty. The amenities of any great college town, and access to good jobs and affordable homes. Also, beer lovers will enjoy exploring the many craft breweries in town. The city is close to the mountains which makes it easy to get away on weekends. You can for camping, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, rafting, fishing, and sightseeing.


A short drive from Denver, Lakewood is a beautiful outdoor escape from the city. It’s home to one of the coolest regional parks you’ll ever come across. Lakewood is a fast-growing city, full of arts and culture, a bustling economy and nature galore.


With nicknames, the “Sweetheart City” and “The Gateway to the Rockies.” Loveland is a great place to live, work, raise a family, and most, build a home. In Loveland, everything is about the culture. That’s why there are plenty of Museums, galleries, theaters. Also, more than 300 pieces of public art around the city, so you will stop every few steps be stunned. The town is known for its fishing, golf courses and miles of bike paths along the Big Thompson River.


The city of Pueblo remains as one major steel-producing cities in the country.  He is also known for arts and culture, the outdoor recreation, and a low cost of living. Pueblo has sunny weather and many other appealing amenities.

Colorado River
Great getaway – Colorado River

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