Best cities in Colorado for first-time home buyers in 2022

Seeing all the places where you can buy a home in America can be exciting and daunting to new house buyers. There are many places where you can purchase your ideal home. We think you should consider buying a home in Colorado. But even picking a city in Colorado can be challenging. Explorer of Realty Colorado will tell you about the best cities in Colorado for first-time home buyers in 2022

Why should you buy a home in Colorado?

Before we tell all about the amazing cities of Colorado, let’s quickly talk about what Colorado can offer to people buying homes there. 

  • First, Colorado offers a lot of places for outdoor activities. There are beautiful rivers like the Rio Grande and the Colorado River. Great lakes where you can spend a summer day. But the best nature spots in Colorado are the four national parks Black Canyon, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountains, and Great Sand Dunes. 
  • Second, the homes in Colorado are a good investment. It seems that the cost of homes in Colorado is rising each year. So if you buy now in a couple of years, you can expect to see the price of your home rise.
  • Third, the state has great weather. There are four seasons in Colorado and plenty of activities in each season. The most comfortable months in Colorado are Jun, July, August, and September. There are, on average, 250 sunny days in the state, so you should not expect to see a lot of rain. 
  • Finally, Colorado has a great job market. The minimum wage is above the national average at 12.56 dollars per hour. It has a diverse job market – the strongest industries are services, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. 
Dream Lake in Colorado, learn about the best cities in Colorado
Check out the stunning mountain scenery in Colorado.

Colorado is an excellent place to buy a house and make it your new home. To reach your new home stress-free, you need to find reliable interstate movers to assist you. By using an extensive database with many moving companies, you can find your ideal movers in no time!

Parker is one of the best cities in Colorado for first-time home-buyers

The first city we will talk about is Parker in Douglas County, with 58,000 residents. Parker is a commuter town because it is close to Denver. You can reach Denver from Parker in about 30 minutes because Denver is only 25 miles away. 

The cost of living is high in Parker, 17% more than the state average. But you will not have to worry about the high cost of living because you will earn enough money. Household income in Parker is above the national average at 105,000 dollars per year. And you will not struggle to find a job because the unemployment rate is slightly below the national average. 

The benefits of living in Parker are community since is a smaller town, and you will be in touch with your neighbors. You will not have to worry about safety because the crime rate is below average. There are plenty of parks where you can spend time outside with your pets or kid and many hiking trails. The most popular hiking trail in Parker is Baldwin Gulch Trail. When it comes to cultural events, most of them are organized with the help of Parker Arts in the PACE Center. 

person walking in forest
Go and explore Baldwin Gulch Trail in Parker.

The median home cost in Parker is around 650,000 dollars, and the median age is 18 years old. Most of the people in Parker own their homes. When you find that perfect home in Parker, do these things before moving in

Best cities in Colorado for first-time home buyers – Denver 

One of the best cities in Colorado for first-time home buyers is Denver. If a small town like Parker is not enough for you and you want more adventure then Denver is a perfect choice. 

There are plenty of reasons to move to Denver – let’s learn about some of them! Denver’s cost of living is about 7 percent higher than the state average. But the high cost of living does not have to worry you because the average income in Denver is 60,000 dollars. And with the expansions of the city, your pay will increase. You will not struggle to find a job because there are plenty of diverse sectors. The most developed sectors in Denver are IT, hospitality, agriculture, and aerospace. 

While you are in the city, you should not think that there aren’t any places for outdoor activities. Denver has many parks, and the most popular ones are Cheesman Park, Washington Park, and City Park. Besides parks, Denver has a great bar and nightlife scene. There is plenty of culture in the capital of Colorado. If you want to see innovative contemporary art visit the Denver Art Museum. And if your want to catch a show, there is no better place than the Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

Red Rocks Amphitheater
What makes Denver one of the best cities in Colorado is the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Houses are a little bit more expensive in Denver than the state average. The median home cost in Denver is 540,000 dollars, while the state average is 490,000 dollars. When you find a perfect home, you will need to find an ideal moving company to help you relocate. You should let find you the best movers who will get you to Denver in no time. 

How to buy your perfect home 

Since you now know the best cities in Colorado for first-time home buyers in 2022, you need to know how to buy your home. There are three crucial things to buying your ideal house. You need to have a reliable local real estate agent who will advise you about purchasing a home. Have your finances settled by getting pre-approved for a mortgage. And to see if the house is in good condition – a home inspector. If you take care of these three things, you will not struggle to find your perfect home in Colorado.

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