Best cities in Colorado for newcomers

If you are planning to move to Colorado, you will need to learn about this great State. There are so many great things about Colored Red, which is the meaning of this state’s name. But the most important thing is to pick the best city in Colorado for your new home. And that depends only on your needs. But one thing is for sure – whatever you might be looking for, you’ll find it there. Colorado is a beautiful place for having a fresh start. Just make sure you calculate the cost of your move as money can be an important factor while choosing among best cities in Colorado for newcomers.

Here we will try to give you some insights that will be helpful for your research. We’ll go through the most important facts of some cities in hope that it will give you the right inputs. But the final choice is all yours.

A lake in Colorado.
From nature to high-rise buildings, the best cities in Colorado for newcomers have it all!

What you should know in order to pick among the best cities in Colorado for newcomers

Choosing a new city for a living is not an easy task. The role of the newcomer is something you need to take seriously. But the good news is that generally in Colorado people are warm and welcoming. So that is one concern less. It is important to realize that the main criteria for making this choice should be your requirements. That is why you will need to identify your needs. Here are some of the questions you need to answer in order to do that:

  • Are you moving alone, or with a family?
  • Do you have any children, and if you do – how old are they and do they go to school?
  • Do you have a job position or you need to find one?
  • What is your monthly budget and costs of current lifestyle?
  • Are you looking for a peaceful surrounding or you like the crowded places?

As you can see, there are many factors that will impact your decision, and they are all of equal importance.  Just make sure you write everything down. It is important to take notes as they will be of utmost help during this pursuit. Now, let’s go through some of the best cities in Colorado for newcomers.

City of Aurora

Aurora takes third place on the list of most crowded cities in Colorado. There are many current and former soldiers and employees of Buckley Air Force Base, hence this profession is highly appreciated in this city. As a direct consequence of storing military presence, all residents of Aurora have access to the fantastic medical care.

But this is not everything this great city has to offer. Nature has a great role in the extraordinary quality of life here. Morrison Nature Center wildlife habitat and more than 150 parks are home to various wildlife species. Both plants and animals. So if you are a nature enthusiast, Aurora is the perfect choice for your new home. Just make sure to hire reliable and experienced movers such as to help you with relocation.  They are the ones that can make or break your relocation. Good luck!

Castle Rock

.In the past few years, Castle Rock has been holding a  10th position on the list of the fastest growing cities in the US. As it is very close to Denver, it is a popular destination for Colorado newcomers. If you are a golf enthusiast – this is the perfect place for you as golf is the number one sport in this area. Additionally, Douglas County School District is attracting many students from all over the world. So, if you are a student or a family person that wants to provide the best education for its children, this could be your choice. Without a doubt, Castle Rock is one of the best places to buy a home in Colorado. 

A golf course and a golf ball.
You will enjoy playing golf in Castle Rock.


Now, let’s speak about the biggest one. Denver – the capital of Colorado. If you want to be at the epicenter or Colorado life, then you should move here. As it is the biggest and the most crowded city in Colorado, Denver is full of opportunities. If you are in pursuit of a career change, or you want to upgrade your current experience, Denver will meet your expectations. Many of the biggest global companies have their headquarters here which means good job opportunities, but high-level competition as well. 

Dominating industries in Denver are Technology, Agriculture, Airplane and Aerospace industry, and surprisingly – fast food. And it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced professional or a graduate – the job market is quite big and there is a position for every hard-working individual. That is why Denver is one of the best cities in Colorado for newcomers. 

Denver has a lot to offer…

But Denver is not all about work. One of the most interesting facts is that there are more than 300 sunny days during the year. And the warm and sunny weather shouldn’t scare you, as weather conditions are pretty comfortable due to the lack of humidity. And if you are a ski enthusiast, you will love living here. Just less than 100 miles away from Denver you will be able to enjoy some of the best world-renowned ski centers and resorts. In no time you will be able to run away from the city and crowd and spend your weekend on the mountain.

Just be aware that traffic can give you a headache, as there are many residents in Denver. Speaking about traffic, there is one extra useful tip if you are about to move here – instead of driving every day, use a bike. Whatever you do or decide, moving to Denver will be a good idea. 

The view of Denver, one of the best cities in Colorado for newcomers.
You will not regret moving to Denver.


If you are an artistic soul – this is where you should move. In Loveland, everything is about the culture. There are more than 300 pieces of public art all over the place, so you will need to stop every few steps as you will be stunned. Museums, galleries, theaters- everyone will find their cup of tea in this amazing city.

So, here we went through only a few of the best cities in Colorado for newcomers. We would need a lot of time to go through each city in this state, so we will leave that research to you. In all honesty, you are the only one who knows exactly what to look for, and the most important thing is to look until you find it. And in Colorado, you will. Besides, you do not have to worry about being bored after moving here, as there are many attractions in Colorado to visit. Good luck with your relocation! 

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