Bel-Air Real Estate Market – Philippines edition

The real estate market is in constant flux. Prices are dropping in some neighborhoods while they’re rising in other. Trends are shifting and so are the desirable and undesirable spots for living. Neighborhoods lose homes and become business districts while new tenant hot spots are discovered and their prices skyrocket. So, are these trends the same in the Bel-Air real estate market? And how hard will you need to look to find a decent place to live in this city?

Bel-Air is a gated community in Makany City in the Philippines. It developed around an airport which was used for commercial flights before World War II and as a United States military airport during the war. After a long time of companies fighting for this village, it finally went to the Philippines and American pilots in 1957. The rumor says that the village got its name because all of the pilots wanted to live in a place which had the word “air” in the name. Today, more than fifty years from the day the community got its name, there are few pilots living there, but the name still remains.

Since it is a gated community, this place doesn’t suffer your average real estate twists and turns. This means that the prices here usually remain constant and the living conditions are great. Unfortunately, the house prices in Bel-Air have slowly been on the rise for some time now. In addition to this, for some parts of the community, you might need to get permission from the local authorities to purchase a home and live there. Fortunately, rarely anyone is refused.

Clean and green

Being a gated community has other benefits, apart from the stable real estate prices. It means greater safety for the residents of Bel-Air, better neighborhood relationships, and more overall friendliness. In addition to this, it means you’ll have an easier time reaching an accord with your neighbors. This is why Bel-Air has been proclaimed the greenest and the cleanest community in the City of Makati since 2005.

Of course, this had an effect on the Bel-Air real estate market. Not only did home prices go up, but the building laws changed slightly as well. If you want to build a home here, you’ll need to keep it green.

Hand holding a green model of the Earth
Bel-Air residents are big on green living.

Bel-Air real estate market

The state of the market in 2019 has been good for this barangay. The house prices have remained mostly the same, but building or buying a commercial space can be costly here. Since this is primarily a residential area, there’s limited space for offices. Thus, every inch of office space in Bel-Air is extremely expensive. The community has its own clinic, post office, gym and shops, so you don’t need to worry you’ll have to go a long way for your basic needs.


The Bel-Air real estate market offers mostly houses for sale or rent. If you’re looking to buy a home for your family, these will be perfect for you. Unfortunately, the prices of houses in Bel-Air have been rising for the past 5 years. So, if you want to find the best houses for sale, it’s better to start looking now rather than in a month or so. You should also consider that even though the prices are on the rise they are still very realistic for what you get. House prices start at four million pesos and go upward from there, but no one will overcharge you for a shoebox in Bel-Air!

Two men shaking hands, a house in the background
If you want to buy a house in Bel-Air, sooner is better than later.


There are many condos available in this gated community as well! The prices for them range from two million pesos up to fifteen million. This doesn’t mean that your real estate investment won’t pay off. These are some of the best condos in the city of Makati and they definitely have the price for it.

But, if you’re looking to buy a condo in Bel-Air, make sure you contact a reliable real-estate agent. A condo’s price can go up by a wide margin if you don’t hire a realtor you can trust.

Building your own home

If you’re looking to build your own home, the Bel-Air real estate market is perfect for this. The prices for empty lots are dropping significantly and will probably continue to do so. So, if you’re feeling like building a house for yourself, look for vacant lots for sale. Once you find the right one, you can call your contractors and start building.

A figure of a man building a brick wall
Bel-Air real estate market is great for those who wish to buy a vacant lot and build a home there.

Rely on the pros

Renting or buying real estate is never easy. With all the paperwork, research and location hunting, it can sometimes be too much for an average person to handle. You’ll waste time you could spend on yourself. Besides, no one wants to do more paperwork once they come back from work! Thus, if you need help when looking for a home in Makani, we can provide it for you! Our team of brokers will assist your efforts to find the perfect place for you! The pros are good because they’re:

  • Experienced – years of working with real-estate make our brokers a great choice.
  • Reliable – punctual and trustworthy!
  • Local – intimate knowledge of the Bel-Air real estate market will aid your search for the perfect home.
  • Great – with many satisfied clients we can say that our experts are great!
A man in a suit holding a card
Our real estate brokers are here to help.

With their experience in real estate and knowledge of the local turf, nothing will get in their way! So, why trouble yourself researching the Bel-Air real estate market when our team can do it for you?

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