Before moving to Colorado, you should know…

If you’re planning on moving to Colorado for the realty business, there are a few things which you ought to know. First and foremost, it’s not all about the Rocky Mountains. And, on a side note, the Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River, is not, in fact, in Colorado. But, less about the scenery and more about the crash course, yes? This week, we’re bringing you a short list of things which you should know before moving to Colorado. So, let us begin with the obvious:

If you’re relocating to CO, you ought to know that the Force will be with you

If you haven't seen the popular franchises before moving to Colorado, prepare for the nerds to give you a 101 here.
Even before moving to Colorado, you will know that this is the state that you are looking for.

Colorado has been ranked at the top of the nerdiest states list for a couple of years now. In fact, in ’16 it was number five! So, if you have always been the one to visit a con in your spare time, you might just be moving to the right place. Though, don’t worry, if you aren’t a total nerd, you will still find a place for yourself in the Centennial state. After all…

Before moving to Colorado, you should get your equipment ready

If reading comic books wasn’t your type of fun back in the high school years, Colorado is still the place for you. After all, with the Rocky Mountains just around the corner, there are more than enough things to do. So, before moving to Colorado, you should know to prepare yourself for the active lifestyle. The locals in the state, no matter the city, are mostly active. If they aren’t running or hiking, they will be skiing. While we’re on the topic of that, let us tell you a little something about the weather in the state…

When moving to CO, you need to learn the seasons: Summer, Spring, Fall and Ski

If you haven’t been to the Rocky Mountains for a snowboarding or skiing vacation yet, you are most definitely missing out. Since you’re moving to Colorado, you should know that there will be plenty of opportunities, though. The mountains house an astonishing 28 ski resorts, just after Wisconsin (34) and Michigan (38). However, why are the resorts in CO so popular? It’s simple! The resorts are much bigger and have better quality snow. Did we mention the 42,000 acres of ski runs across the state? Yes, we thought we’d tell you to prepare your inner athlete. However, Colorado is not all about the snow…

This state has all four seasons, you should know this before you relocate

If you think that skiing is the only thing which this state has got, you’re wrong. Before moving to Colorado, you should Google their weather forecast a tad. Springs and autumns are rather mild here, if not a bit on the crispy side. These are the perfect times for you to take a hike or go on a canoe ride. Biking is also a big thing in CO. Though, before moving to Colorado, you should also be aware of the heat of the summer. Like the winter is freezing, the summer tends to get scorching. So, be sure to bring your ChapStick, lotion and drink plenty of water. While we’re talking about the latter…

If you’re moving to Colorado, you should know to bring a bike

Indeed, CO is big country. And, when you leave your new home after moving, the sky will seem to stretch much bigger than you were used to in a big city. So, yes, you will need your car if you’re planning to do a bit of sightseeing after relocation. However, be sure to prepare a bike, as well. When moving to Colorado, you should know that there is a chance for cycling everywhere. Here, it’s normal for you to simply hop on a bike and go to Walmart to get the groceries. Going to the library? You can use your bike to get there, too! And, don’t worry, there will be plenty of space where to leave it safely when you get there. And if you prefer a challenge, there are plenty of 14ers in CO!

When relocating to Colorado, know that there Ain’t no mountain high enough

If you've never visited the state, Google it online and check out the amazing scenery!
Before moving to Colorado, take a look at the scenery online and realize why it’s such a popular place for a vacation.

We’ve mentioned those 14ers, no? Colorado has more mountains over 14000 feet high than any other state. In fact, there are 53 of them. But, that isn’t the only reason why they call this the high country. The state itself is situated above sea level. Before moving to Colorado, you should know that the capital, Denver stands at one mile above norm. So, if you experience any nausea and headaches after your move, be sure to visit your physician. It might be the altitude! Though, all of these things aren’t the only reasons for the nickname of the state…

If you’re moving to CO, you should know another reason why it’s called sky high

Unless you’ve been living in seclusion, you’re well aware that this state legalized marijuana in 2012. If you’re moving to Colorado, you should know that anyone above 21 is free to possess and consume weed. It isn’t even overly expensive. Though, you will be surprised that this is the only thing which the locals smoke. Before moving to Colorado, you should know that cigarettes aren’t very popular here. If you are a consumer, you might have to kick the habit. But, there is another thing which the locals will definitely approve of…

Before moving to Colorado, you should know your beer

If you're not familiar with our brews, check them out online before moving to Colorado.
There is no need to drink that last beer before moving to Colorado – you will drink here plenty!

In this state, a good brew is everything. After all, what is better than relaxing with a cold one while watching your favorite team on the screen? Before moving to Colorado, you should know that there are 235 craft breweries in the state. And believe us, you don’t need to know your beer to taste the quality. Soon, you will be an expert on the three taps of the state: hot, cold and brew. But, the drink isn’t the only thing which the locals are obsessed with…

If you’re moving to Colorado, your favorite colors had better be blue and orange

If there’s one thing to get ready for when moving to this state, it’s the rabid Denver Broncos fans. So, if your favorite team isn’t the Broncos, you might consider changing your preferences or hiding that fact. And, if you’re not that into the NFL, you’ll definitely be the odd one out. So, before moving to Colorado, you should know to pack your Bronco’s shirt with you. Trust us, you will fit right it!

We wish you a great move to the Centennial state!

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