Backyard upgrades that boost your home’s value

One of the best ways you can increase your home’s value is to add some upgrades to your backyard. A backyard can tell a lot about the house to which it’s attached. Also, it tells us something about the owner, too. That being said – adding some upgrades might do you pretty well when trying to sell the place. You’ll impress buyers with your beautiful backyard. Before that, you’ll amaze your friends with good old backyard barbecue parties. Most people see taking care of their backyard as a meditative practice. It’s good while they’re doing it, it’s good when they’re enjoying the fruits of their labor. It should come as no surprise that most folks take great care of their backyards. In the text below, we’ll show you some of the backyard upgrades that boost your home’s value. Stay tuned.

Backyard pool

Having a pool in your backyard can significantly increase the value of your property. Although it would be fair to mention – some buyers don’t want a house with a backyard pool. Nevertheless, is it a good investment? Well, it depends. The money invested might not come back doubled or something like that. Don’t expect that to happen. If you’re not eager to sell your home anytime soon, getting a pool and enjoying it for some years is really the way to go.

An inflatable yellow duck in the pool. One of the upgrades that boost your home's value is a swimming pool.
If you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, getting a pool is a good investment. You’ll enjoy it long enough to make it count. Just take a look at this yellow duck.

Outdoor kitchen

This one will also add some value to your property. Although it may seem like it wouldn’t impress homebuyers too much, having an outdoor kitchen might just be the thing. Some experts mention that you’ll need to make it so it’s usable three out of four seasons. Wondering who to call for this kind of intervention? Check out guys at, they’ll make sure your home remodeling goes as smoothly as possible.

Install outdoor lighting

Adding some outdoor lighting to your backyard can be pretty practical. Some research has shown that it deters burglars from breaking into your home. On the other hand, it makes your home more appealing to homebuyers. It’s really a win-win situation, don’t you think? Spend some magical nights in your backyard. Experts say that you can expect about a 50 percent return on this investment.

A cozy backyard setting at night.
Adding some backyard lighting might just seal the deal. Also, it will create a magical atmosphere for you to enjoy before you sell your home.

Backyard firepit

This one is a must on most lists concerning backyard upgrades that boost your home’s value. Statistics say that you’ll probably get a 60 to 70 percent return on this investment. A gas-powered firepit costs about $6000 to construct, and it will add about $4000 to the value of your home. Constructing a firepit will give your backyard a fantastic undertone. Nothing beats roasting sausages or marshmallows in your own backyard as if you were on a camping trip.

Landscape your backyard

Now, this one is for folks that can’t really say they have a big backyard. Of course, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. There are ways you can refresh your backyard landscape, and make it feel more spacey. You can fill your backyard with some interesting plants even if you don’t have a lot of space. That will create a certain atmosphere. The focus won’t be on the size of your backyard, but on its outstanding beauty. Potential homebuyers will appreciate that, there’s no doubt about it.

Plant some trees

As if you couldn’t guess this one yourself, right? Planting some trees will do you pretty well in the long run. It sounds kind of boring, and they take some time to grow. But once you get a cool summer shade in your backyard, you’ll see that it was one of the best investments you’ve made. The green color rests the eyes, and it will boost your chances of selling the place.

Efficient lawn maintenance

Adding a sprinkler system to your backyard will also boost your home’s value. It’s pretty practical as it saves you a lot of time. There’s no need to go around the backyard with a hose. Some sprinkler heads can do just the same, without you moving a muscle. The convenience of this investment will certainly make potential homebuyers happy.

A backyard sprinkler head.
Adding a sprinkler system to your backyard will boost the value of your property. It’s time-saving, convenient, and you won’t need to go around the backyard with a hose on a hot summer day.

Add a wooden deck

Is there a better way to spend a cozy summer night than chilling on your deck with a couple of good friends, enjoying some nice food and drinks? You’re right, there isn’t. Installing a wooden deck will definitely work out for you when the time to sell the house comes. Some research has proven that about 80 percent of homeowners that have installed a wooden deck like to spend more time in their homes. It should come as no surprise. You’ll be that one person with the coolest hangout. Your friends will never want to leave your backyard.

A quick summary

So, there you have it. These were some ideas guaranteed to boost your home’s value. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. What can you do to increase the value of your home? Well, you can start with constructing an outdoor fireplace or adding a sprinkler system. Also, you can refresh your backyard’s landscape by adding some nice plants or planting trees. It may take some time for them to grow, but it’s worth the wait. Adding a wooden deck is also one of the upgrades that boost your home’s value. Now how about installing a swimming pool? Your friends will never want to leave your place. Potential homebuyers will find most of these upgrades pretty appealing. You can bet on it.

That’s about it. Thank you for reading. Best of luck with your backyard remodeling.

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