Top attractions in Colorado to visit after your relocation

Moving to Colorado will let you have many amazing choices when it comes to choosing how to spend your free time. Your family will enjoy many great outdoor activities and there are many historical landmarks you should visit. Colorado is all about the healthy and outdoor lifestyle so the first thing to do, after moving to Colorado would be to get a great pair of hiking shoes and you are all set! As it will be hard to decide which places you should visit first, here is a short guide to attractions in Colorado to visit after your relocation.

There are, also, few things you should know before you move to Colorado. Therefore, let’s take a quick look at all you need to know about Colorado.

attractions in Colorado
Explore the great outdoors of Colorado!

Things you need to know when you are moving to Colorado

Relocation is a big step and should be a well-planned process. Therefore, before moving to Colorado the very first thing you need to do will be a Colorado realty detailed research.  The next step would mean that you will have to take your time and plan the move itself. We recommend you make a personal checklist of things you need to do before and after your move.

Raising your family in Colorado will be a great adventure.  Choosing the right location to move with your family will be the most important thing. Colorado has many great small and safe communities that will allow you to have a peaceful and happy family life.  The best part about choosing the right neighborhood is that every town in CO has many great attractions you can visit on a daily basis.

Top attractions in Colorado you must visit

 Rocky Mountain National Park

This great national park, one of the most popular in the US, in settled in the north-central part of Colorado.  Rocky Mountain National Park will provide you with many great outdoor adventures like hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and camping.

Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the top attractions in Colorado in numbers:

  • Open 365 days a year
  • 5 visitor centers
  • 265,461 acres
  • 450 miles of rivers and streams
  • 350 miles of trails
  • 6 mountain peaks over 12,000 feet
  • 14,259 feet is the highest point, Longs Peak
  • 4 million visitors every year

Activities to do in one of the best attractions in Colorado- Rocky Mountain National Park

This great park offers many summers as well as winter activities to its visitors. As this is a hiker’s paradise, you can choose to go a hiking adventure that can be few miles long or last up to several days.  Wildlife sightseeing from vehicles is the favorite activity for the newcomers of attractions in Colorado. One of the best ways to explore this great outdoor attraction would be through camping. This way you can fish, climb, horseback ride, and explore the wildlife to the fullest. Keep in mind that checking the weather conditions will be the most important thing when planning a visit to any of attractions in Colorado.

 Fees for entering the national park od Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain National Park has many fee-free days you can use to explore the amazing outdoors of this area. However, as those days can mean that the park will get really crowded, you should consider paying the entrance fees:

  • 1-day pass: $20 cars / $10 pedestrians / $20 motorcycle
  • 7-day pass: $20 cars/ $15  pedestrians / $25 motorcycle
  • Annual pass: $50

There are also deductions of the fees for the senior citizens as well as advantages for a commercial tour.

Durango and the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway – another great attraction in Colorado

This amazing railway route was opened in 1882 and its original purpose was to transport silver and gold that was being mined in the San Juan Mountains.  Now, 130 years later, visitors from all around the world come to enjoy the great excursions this railway, one of the top attractions in Colorado, has to offer.

The great excursions of one of the top attractions in Colorado, the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway

Holiday Narration Couch will feel like a time machine! For all of you that would like to go back to the past for a day and learn more about the history of Durango and settlers ways of celebrating the holidays, this will be an amazing experience. Old costumes and great stories of the narrators will take you through time during a great ride.

Romantic brunch train excursions will make a great getaway for couples, while the winter Cascade Canyon Excursion will let you experience a winter wonderland.

Keep in mind that this an adventure that will require a whole day. The ride itself lasts for 3 and a half hours with a 2-hour overlay in Silverton. If you don’t feel like taking the train back as well, there are buses that can take you back.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The landscapes of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve will take your breath away!  Hiking, splashing, sandboarding, fishing, horseback riding… The list goes on and on.

attractions in Colorado
Test your boarding skills while having fun!

Medano Creek runs along the dunes and during the hot days, kids love splashing in them. Dunes are also a great place to practice and test your boarding skills during the summer. Camping with tents, cars or RVs will let you experience the amazing night sky viewing.

Free activities like a free ranger program are available for children. The program is available from May until October and weekly schedules are posted every Friday. Also, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, supports many school educational programs and kids from all around the USA come to learn more about nature and explore the outdoors.   Outdoor classroom programs  like “beach in the mountains” provide the opportunities for the children to learn in a healty and inspiring environment.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in numbers:

  • 149,028 acres
  • 750 feet is approximately the highest peak of the dunes
  •  1932 was the year when President Herbert Hoover designated the name Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve to the park

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