Alternative retirement locations for those who don’t like Florida

When thinking about the best place to retire you may not always know what you are looking for. It can cause a lot of confusion considering the U.S. is huge. There are so many choices it can be quite overwhelming. However, one thing you are certain is that you will try to find alternative retirement locations for Florida. Why? Very simple, you are not really fond of everything it has to offer. Believe it or not, you are not alone. Many potential retirees don’t see it as the perfect place, and there are some pretty valid reasons behind that.

The reasons for looking for alternative retirement locations

Florida is full of wildlife

Yes, we all like animals, just some of us may love them more from a distance. Especially when it comes to dangerous specimens. It is no secret that Florida has a lot of them. Alligators are particularly one of those we would gladly observe from the other side of the fence. Not in our own backyard. Imagine, your grandchildren are coming to visit you, and your only concern is if it’s going to be safe. Well, it’s not that Florida is not safe, but you never know what you may find behind the bushes. Also, alligators are not the only thing. There are snakes, monkeys, bugs, and even bacteria that make your skin crawl at the mere mention. No thanks, we’ll find a better place.

An alligator crossing the golf course and a couple standing nearby.
This is awesome to see, however not a really pleasant thing to experience.


It’s really hot out there

Of course, we all love the beaches, at least the majority of us. However, having to endure the eternal hotness without a day of chill might just not be the thing for you. Let’s face it, it’s really hot there and it’s all year long. You will sweat a lot, and that is the reason some people avoid a retirement in areas with such hot weather. Also, a high level of humidity might not be perfect for some medical conditions. hence, if this is not your cup of tea, you’d better look for alternative retirement locations.

Hurricanes are something you don’t want to think about

Florida is known for having some of the most intensive storms across the year. Especially in August and October when it’s the peak of the season. In the same manner, hurricanes are one of the most menacing things you have heard off. Even though the dangerous ones are rare, it’s still a horrifying mess they leave behind. Why thinking about something like that when you can avoid it? isn’t it a better idea to choose among alternative retirement locations instead?

Alternative retirement locations


Kentucky can be one of the best alternatives for retirement. It has low living costs with relatively considerable income tax deduction. Many people will claim Kentucky is a great opportunity to plan your relocation ahead and save money. Start your planning before the age of 60, and you will be ready for many benefits and tax deductions. Great health care and affordable housing options are just the tips of the iceberg. Its breathtaking natural beauty with amazing scenery is making it worthy of consideration.

A house on a farm in Kentucky.
Surroundings in Kentucky are mesmerizing.


New Hampshire

If you are looking for a place with affordable prices with the doze of New England, then New Hampshire is the right shire for you. The Granite State offers everything retirees might find crucial. From enjoyable outdoor surroundings to great health care. From the possibility to explore nature after moving, to the calmness and peace in your home. This is something we should not underestimate. There is no income tax, no sales tax, and the prices are really great.


Virginia is a charming place if you decide to live there. The cost of living is low so it may be an attractive opportunity for those with lower income. Should you move there, companies like Best Cross Country Movers can provide the necessary help. Another great thing about Virginia is that there are many job opportunities for those who are not ready to give up their working habits. Every fifth Virginian over age 65 is still working. The public transportation system is among the best in the States, so it’s very effortless to go anywhere. Also, health care infrastructure is on the top of the lists in entire America.

South Dakota

Affordability is one of the main factors which makes South Dakota attractive for retirement. South Dakota is one of a few states with no income tax and has one of the lowest tax burdens in states. Another thing, it’s a preferable place for people that don’t mind long and cold winter. Towns like Aberdeen and Spearfish are ideal for people that like smaller places with a friendly atmosphere. Not to mention a picturesque environment that is not only safe, but offers a number of interesting events, many friendly neighborhoods, and a charming downtown area.

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.
South Dakota’s famous monument.


The topography of Idaho is making it the right choice for people who enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. It is a land with all four seasons with more or less pleasant weather. Furthermore, it’s one of the safest states in the nation with a very low cost of living. Housing options are very budget-friendly, with almost as low as $600 for a one-bedroom apartment in Idaho Falls. Health care is great and there is no Social Security taxation. Also, the possibility to host both adventurous and calm retirees is making it the most effortless choice.


Another amazing place, for outdoor enthusiasts, is Arizona. Spending your senior years in a place made for activities can only benefit your health. There are many communities in Arizona famous for their low costs, pleasant weather and low crime rates. Garden lovers will enjoy colorful flora that thrives even in the dry climate. As a result, you can have a nice yard with minimum effort. The bonus, you will always be just a few hours away from the Grand Canyon, no matter where you choose to settle. Being one of the seven natural wonders of the world speaks for itself. All of it is making Arizona one of the best alternative retirement locations for those who don’t like Florida.

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