7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town

If you’re dreaming about moving to a small town, then you have to think about a few things. For sure, smaller cities in the U.S. are getting more and more popular. The main reason is that the cost of living in a large city for many people became very overwhelming. Also, affordable housing options are harder to come because of the many people who are still drawn to bigger cities. Furthermore, moving to a small town brings many positive changes. People living there have the opportunity to experience a great lifestyle change, that only a small town can give. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town.

7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town

Affordable housing

Number one on the list of 7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town is affordable housing. You don’t have to be a brainiac to figure out that small towns are more affordable than big cities. But it may be surprising just how much more they tend to be. Practically everything in small cities costs way less. So, housing is obviously something where you can save money, to the number of thousands of dollars.

House and bicycle
Affordable housing is just one of the 7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town.

A single bedroom apartment in a big city like Chicago can cost you up to $1632 per month. For that price or half of it, in smaller cities, you can find an available bigger apartment. Precisely, for $700 per month, you can find a beautiful home in one of the best cities in Colorado for newcomers. Plus, the decision to move to a small city will help you maintain your moving budget, therefore you’ll keep your finances in check.

The costs of living

On this list of 7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town, the cost of living is number two. Moving to a small town means significantly cheaper living costs than in the big city. Practically everything is less expensive than the big city. And the small things just add up. Things like food and goods, property tax, insurance rates, prices in restaurants, and even gas prices tend to be lower. So, this means that the dollar stretches far further in small cities. Also, this might explain the much more laidback approach the people who live in them tend to adopt. So, hire some moving professionals, like Moving Kings NC, and relocate into a small city, as sooner as you can.

Trendy Hip Areas

The word hipster is always attaching to the city. However, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Big cities like New York or San Francisco have a huge art scene. But they aren’t alone. A lot of small towns in the United States are also major art communities. They are populated by the kind of people who form them. And there is a reason for this. Big cities are expensive, which means they’re not exactly the best place for a starving artist. And, on the other hand, there are affordable towns like Hillsborough or Oxford that are well known for their laidback neighborhoods, trendy venues, and unique culture. So, if you are looking for what’s hip and what’s happening, the city doesn’t have to be the only destination.  And you should consider relocating to exciting town of Carrboro.

Street art, graffiti
Hipsters love small towns. So you will have the opportunity to enjoy their unique culture.

Less Stress

Big cities move quickly, they are fun because of that, there is always something going on. But, for that same reason, they’re also much more stressful. Life in small cities doesn’t have to battle with things like traffic or impossible parking. Also, you won’t fight with the constant sensory overload of crowds, loud noise, and cramped, closed-off spaces. Small cities allow you to meet people, take the time to get to know one another. Plus, they are never far from green, open spaces and fresh air. So, you can enjoy this while having a quick and effortless 15-minute commute to work. And if you’re a fan of this, consider hiring some real estate agent to help you find the perfect home. Just make sure you know how to avoid fraudulent real estate companies.

Job Security

People tend to believe that big cities always have been employment opportunities. But that’s not true. This depends on the state of the economy. Cities can be booming, while others are in decline. This also applies to small cities. Many of them have vibrant economies and healthy job markets and they have fewer people to compete. So, qualified people usually find work in small towns easier. Because of the less competition if you compare it with the city. Plus, there’re fewer people. So, companies have a greater value on their employees and they tend to keep them around, rather than risk getting stuck with an empty position for a prolonged time. So, if you haven’t find the job before the move, one of the first things to do after you move is to find it.


The last reason on the list of 7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town is transportation. In case you were living a big city life, you’re probably used to getting around on a scooter or bike. Or you use public trains and buses for transportation. But, in small cities, you won’t have to deal with this. Of course, you can still use your bike or scooter. However, if you move to a small town, know that they are often farther away. So, you may have to cross larger distances to get to work or school. Then, think about investing in a car, and prepare for monthly payments, insurance fees, and maintenance. But, on the other hand, the lifestyle in small cities is often slower. It is possible that walking becomes your favorite form of transportation.

Car interior - No traffic is one of the 7 reasons why you should consider moving to a small town.
When moving to a small city, consider investing in a car.

Community Appeal

Small cities are a great place to raise a family, retire or to enjoy life in the slow lane. They are safer, have better school systems, and higher community engagement. Life there can be a refreshing change of pace for someone who is used to the anonymous life in the big city. You will easily build positive relationships and establish common connections. In small cities, even companies and local establishments work harder to stay in your good graces to keep your business. So, once you put it all together, and it’s easy to see why life in small cities is a good one, and one that’s worth your attention.


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