7 Common Moving In Day Mistakes to Avoid

Time before moving day is stressful, emotional, exciting, hard, all at the same time. But, when the final moving day comes, it can easily be a mess. People often make mistakes on a moving day because of all that excitement and it is not a big problem if you make some small mistakes. But, it can be really complicated if you make big ones. What are moving in day mistakes to avoid and how to handle a moving day like a pro? By learning from other people’s experiences, you can learn a lot and have a successful relocation and moving day.

The list of moving in day mistakes to avoid

When you know what mistakes people often make on their moving in day, you are less likely to make the same mistake. Learning from other people’s mistakes is a good plan. Finally, you are moving into our new home, but it does not mean the moving process is over. There are a lot of things that need to be done after moving too.

To avoid moving mistakes, follow these steps below and have a stress-free and successful relocation.

#1 Forgetting to rent a temporary storage unit

If your new home is not ready yet for moving in. It needs some repairs, painting, changing electrical installation, etc, then you should not put your household items inside because it will be damaged.  Also, if you are moving long-distance, and your items will be there before you do, it is better to rent a storage unit for all your belongings.

This way, your items will be safe and you won’t worry about damaging your favorite table. PortaBox Storage Seattle can offer you different storage units when moving and keep your belongings in a safe place while you are remodeling your new home.

#2 Letting kids and pets to be free

If moving with kids and/or pets, letting them roam free can be dangerous for the, you, and your items too. Imagine loading and unloading items from a moving vehicle while your kids and pets are running around the house or even worse, going on the street when you are not looking.

  • You can plan a play date for your kids on a moving day, o you will be able to finish everything faster.
  • Crate your pets and don’t let them run around the house.
  • Your parents or a best friend can help you with moving in day mistakes to avoid by watching your kids or pets that day.
A kid with a dog.
Make a plan for your kids and pets for moving in day, because of their safety

#3 Forgetting an essential moving box

Packing an essential moving box is really essential thing to do. It is a box that you will open first on moving in day. It should contain scissors (for opening other moving boxes), snacks, water, bedding, toiletries, a little clothing.

Pack all the things you are using every day, so you don’t need to unpack all boxes to find a pillow. Also, keep this box with you on a moving day or pack them last in a moving truck, so it will be the first box to grab after arriving in a new home.

#4 Packing on a moving day

Most people think that they will have enough time to pack a few boxes on a moving day. It is a big mistake. You won’t have time before your movers arrive, so make sure you have everything done before the final moving day.

Collect enough packing material, start early with packing, pack and organize your items using the proper materials, keep packed boxes in one room and don’t make a mess in your home.  When the movers come, they should start loading items into a moving van immediately to escape delays and to relocate you fast.

Moving into a new home and carrying boxes.
Ask for help with packing and unpacking. Unloading and carrying moving boxes is not easy

#5 Unplugging appliances on the last minute

Don’t leave appliances to the last moment and it is one of the moving in day mistakes to avoid. You should pay attention before and after moving too.

Disconnect all electrical appliances and defrost and dry your fridge and freezer. It usually takes 24h. Moisture can cause mold, which nobody wants, of course.

If your refrigerator was transported upright, you must wait at least 1 hour to plug it after moving in. And if it was transported on the side, wait at least 4 hours. Clean it and then put your food inside.

#6 Moving into a house that is not ready

Before you move, make sure your home is ready for moving in. What does it mean, how to prepare your home for moving in? It is simple, but because of the many tasks you need to finish before moving, this one is often put aside.

  • Make sure you will have electricity, water, and air conditioning when you arrive, especially if you are moving with kids. Turn on utilities before the move, don’t wait.
  • Also, if you have kids, immediately after moving, make your home safe and babyproof.
  • Clean your new home a few days before arriving or if you are not able to, hire a professional cleaning company.
  • You don’t know who else got the keys to your new home, so changing locks on your new home is the next step.
Drinking coffee after learning moving in day mistakes to avoid.
After you moved into your new home and decorate it, it is time to relax and enjoy

#7 Leaving valuables with movers

Don’t pack your documents, prescriptions, money, and jewelry with other irreplaceable items. And also, move this box by yourself, don’t load it into a moving vehicle. It is one of the moving in day mistakes to avoid because losing one of these items can cause a lot of problems and stress. Usually, moving companies avoid moving these items because they are too expensive and insurance cannot cover it.


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