6 ways to explore the natural beauty of Lakewood, CO

Today we will be talking about the natural beauty of Lakewood. Lakewood is surrounded by stunning Colorado scenery. So, you can expect to spend a lot of time outside taking advantage of everything this piece of land has to offer. If you enjoy being outside, Lakewood has over 99 parks to choose from. Also, in addition to green spaces and hiking trails, you can also see the breathtaking Green Mountains in the distance. Even though Lakewood is known for its abundance of plants and animals, it is also home to a thriving arts community. They even have their own district devoted solely to galleries and artwork. If you’re looking for a little culture, look no further than Lakewood. 

#1 Visit Bear Creek Lake Park

Lakewood is one of the best places in Colorado. Since we are talking about the natural beauty of Lakewood we need to mention this park. This park on Bear Creek Lake offers a wide variety of activities all in one location. Some people like to hike, some just like to enjoy the peaceful walk and enjoy the amazing scenery. There are 15 miles of trails in the park and with every one of them, you will get stunning views (as well as some great workout if you wish).

Additionally, there is an archery range and equestrian trails for those who want to experience the landscape from a horse’s perspective, as well as a variety of other activities. Also, the park features Big Soda Lake, where visitors can go fishing or boating. Visiting Bear Creek Lake Park is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Lakewood.

The view of a lake, a part of the natural beauty of Lakewood.
This lake can also be a very nice and romantic spot.

#2 Everitt Farms is a perfect place to enjoy the fruits of the land

There are many ways to enjoy nature. Sure looking at it is great but how about tasting the products of this land? Visit Everitt Farms if you want to get outside and enjoy Lakewood’s most beautiful scenery. On this 25-acre farm, the focus is on environmentally friendly farming methods and fresh, in-season local fare. You will be able to find something amazing no matter the season. 

Additionally, there’s a market where you will be able to buy the farm’s produce. Also, there are some seasonal activities to be found that the whole family will enjoy. Especially the kids. In the winter, there’s a Christmas tree lot, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch.

#3 Golf lovers will especially love Fox Hollow Golf Course

Fox Hollow Golf Course looks like a wonderful location in the city that offers a variety of courses for all levels of golfers. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Lakewood while enjoying your favorite sport. It’s a win-win combination. In addition to stunning views, the courses are situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. That means that golfers can take in the stunning scenery while playing. Many seniors from LA are loving this course.

#4 Kids will love Kendrick Lake Park

Kids sometimes just want to go to the park and play with the other kids. But you can enjoy the nature and fresh air in the park. In addition to numerous playgrounds for children of all ages, the park also has charming water features, including ponds populated by ducks and geese. Over a mile of hiking trails are available for those who prefer to take in the natural beauty of Lakewood from the comfort of their own feet. If you are moving to Lakewood with your kids this will be your usual spot. Of course, if you are moving with kids you should hire local movers to help you to settle in your new home.

#5 Harvest Mountain Farm Gardens is great for foodies

The Harvest Mountain Farm Gardens in Lakewood, Colorado, is a great place to learn all about different kinds of sustainable food practices in the state. You can enjoy nature and learn how to keep it safe. Visit the gardens for a tour to learn more about this remarkable initiative, as well as to shop for the fresh fruit and vegetables grown on the premises.

fresh vegetables at a market
This sounds and looks quite tempting.

#6 Visit Bear Creek Greenbelt

This is yet another place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Lakewood. Biking, hiking, regular walks, picnics and so much more you can do here to enjoy and relax. The Bear Creek Greenbelt is a great place to find a good nature trail that is also close to the city. One of the city’s best-loved areas, the greenbelt, is accessible year-round thanks to its clear paths. In addition, the area is a great place to see squirrels, foxes, coyotes, and hawks in their natural habitat. How great is that? Now we should talk a little bit about long-distance relocations.

Now that we showed you places and ways to explore the natural beauty of Lakewood …

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A professional mover carrying a sofa.
Finding reliable movers will make such a difference.

Other great places you should visit in Lakewood

Before we go, it’s important to show you a couple of places you should visit (besides the ones we already showed you). Lakewood is a very interesting place and perfect for nature lovers. So, check out these :

  • Lakewood Heritage Center
  • Belmar Downtown District
  • William Frederick Hayden Park
  • Colorado Mills
  • Caution: Brewing Company
  • Denver Federal Center Farmers Market

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