5 facts about Colorado you should know before moving

Are you moving to Colorado soon? If you are, then there are some facts about Colorado that you should know about before the final moving day. It will help you adjust faster and you will know what to expect after moving there.

The list of 5 facts about Colorado

Researching will help you decide whether you should move to Colorado or not. Some facts are fun, and the other ones are important to know. We will focus on the important things to know about Colorado.

Colorado flag.
There are so many things to know about Colorado, but we will give you 5 the most important ones

#1 Costs of living and taxes

Costs of living are higher than the national average, but on the other hand, incomes are higher too. So, the balance is there. Property taxes are low, and the state income tax is flat (4.63%), but counties and cities can add their own sales taxes.

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#2 The weather

The weather in Colorado is amazing. During the winter, people don’t stay inside of their homes. They hike, skate and ski. Nature can provide them all types of winter sports. That’s why people spend a lot on outdoor gear here. After moving to Colorado, you will probably learn how to ski and you will love it. Summers are also very nice. The average temperature is 90°F which is great for spending time outside too.

#3 Home prices

Homes in Colorado are expensive, in general. When choosing one of the best cities in Colorado, you must check an average home price and calculate can you afford it. The average home price currently is $400,000 but in bigger cities, the price is higher. The average rent per month is $2,000. Over the past years, prices have gone up for about 2% and they will continue to rise. But, on the other hand, the real estate market is cold right now.

#4 Education

If you want a great education for you or your kids, Colorado is one of the best choices. A lot of people have a higher education. It has great colleges and high schools that are highly rated, so you do not have to worry. Besides that, the population is young (the average resident is 35 years old).

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Don’t relocate unprepared. Get to know the necessary facts about Colorado

#5 Health

Heath, fitness, and an active lifestyle is taken seriously in Colorado. Coloradans are very healthy people as well as their food. Also, this state has the lowest adult obesity rate (22%). It is not one of the surprising facts about Colorado, because they are very active, no matter how the weather is outside.

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