​5 facts you should know before moving from New Jersey to Colorado

You are thinking about leaving the Garden State and starting a new life in Colorado. We understand it is a massive change. The people of Colorado are different than the people in NJ. People in Jersey have more spirit and can be a little inappropriate. But the biggest downside of leaving Jersey is that you won be able to visit what some call the most exciting city in the world – New York. However, Colorado will make you forget all about the excitement of the Big Apple with its mesmerizing nature and friendly people. To make your relocation even easier, we have for you 5 facts you should know before moving from New Jersey to Colorado.

​The first of 5 facts you should know before moving from New Jersey to Colorado is that the Centennial State is cheaper than the Garden State

If you check on multiple internet sites that specialize in determining the differences in living costs, you will find that Colorado is cheaper than New Jersey. When it comes to food & groceries, utilities, transportation, health Colorado is cheaper across the board. The price of housing is about the same as in New Jersey but only in the bigger, more populated cities in Colorado. As is to be expected, when the place is cheaper to live in, it has smaller salaries. But everything evens out in the end because you have to spend less money in the Centennial State. However, we believe you won’t be moving to Colorado unless you have a well-paying job waiting for you there.

an image of a pink piggy bank
You will save money by moving from New Jersey to Colorado

​Get ready for activity when you move to the Centennial State

What sets Colorado apart from other states is that many activities will get you out of the house and moving. No matter what the weather is, you will find something to do. In the summer you can:

  • Our second of 5 facts you should know before moving from New Jersey to Colorado is about outdoor activities, one of them is white water rafting.
  • No matter where you are, you will be able to find great hiking trails.
  • Ziplining and rock climbing for those who need an adrenaline rush.
  • For those who want to relax in nature by the river, fishing is a great option.
  • Mountain biking for people looking for a hard workout.
a man on a bike
Ridding the bike in the mountain is a must in Colorado

As we have seen, there are many ways to spend time outdoors in the hotter months. However, when winter arrives, Coloradans don’t stop but they go:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sleighing
  • Visiting the hot springs
  • A little bit unusual in this day and age, but you can go dog sleigh ridding

As you can see, there are many opportunities to get out of the house when you move to Colorado and if you want to reach the state trouble-free , hire reliable interstate movers. An interstate move is not as easy as a regular city-to-city move or a long-distance move in another city in the same state. When it comes to an interstate move, there is a lot of driving, so let the professionals handle it.

​Third of our 5 facts you should know before moving from New Jersey to Colorado is that the state has mesmerizing nature

You won’t have a problem escaping the concrete jungle if you move to Colorado. Colorado is full of nature where ever you are. You will be able to see the wonders of nature. We are just going to mention some of them:

  • The most popular nature site in Colorado is The Rocky Mountains. The highest peak – Long Peak, is over 14,000 feet. There are green meadows, forests occupied with diverse wildlife. To explore the mountains, you can take Trail Ridge Road.
  • Garden of the Gods – what a name! Trust us, you have to visit this public park in Colorado Springs, and you will see that the name matches the place. There are 21-miles of hiking trails. Take one of the trails – and get lost looking a the beautiful red rocks, which are the signature of the park.
  • We have just mentioned picturesque nature sights. There are many more which you will find out when you move to Colorado.
an image of Long Lake, Colorad
The views in Colorado are like a picture

​People are healthy

People in Colorado are very health conscious. The average life expectancy in Colorado is 80 years old, which is two years higher than the national average. So if you move there, you can be sure that your health will improve. To get there and start living a healthier lifestyle, hire gibraltarvanlines.com. They are reputable movers with experienced personnel that will move you out of New Jersey and into your new home in Colorado in no time. When you get there, you can join the culture of healthy eating and living, like so many Coloradans.

​The final of our 5 facts you should know before moving from New Jersey to Colorado is that the state is safe

Colorado is a friendly state. The crime rates are lower than the national average. Because of this, you can feel safe no matter where you go. You won’t have to worry when you are coming back home from a late-night of drinking. As it is with all states, bigger cities are more dangerous than smaller ones.

​Final words

These are our 5 facts you should know before moving from New Jersey to Colorado. You can see that you will need to adjust your life a little bit. The culture and the way of living are different in Colorado. However, there are many desirable cities to live in, in Colorado State and we bet that you will find a great one that will make you will at home fast.

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